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Thread: The Girls Next Door

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    Amy you are so right!!! Boy, is she delusional! When he dies, she thinks she will inherit every thing!! She'll be surprised when his daughter Christy and 2 sons get it all!
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    Lets get the low down from Jonathan and Victoria since they are up there all the time?

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    I finally caught an episode of this. I love it. I don't know why many people hate Holly so much. She seems nice and the most mature. Kendra cracks me up so badly and Brigette is ok too.

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    I love Bridget's little puppy. It's so cute..

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    I don't dislike Holly. The thing I've noticed about her is she always seems to be holding back and doesn't seem to enjoy herself. She seems a little withdrawn or something. The puppy is cute but I can't help wonder how much she paid for it. Just think of all the dogs at shelters that need to be rescued.
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    I loved this show and fell in love with the girls. While Kendra was my initial favorite, she ended up being the most annoying to me. While I didn't like Holly at first, she grew on me and I always loved Bridget, there is just something real about her (although I know a lot is probobly fake).
    I recently listened to a Howard Stern interview with Hef and he said that he most looks forward to times when he can be at home, in bed with Holly. It sounded like he really does love her and he even said that having a child with her was a possibility.
    I also picked up the Nov. issue of playboy and the girls look great. I am happy for all of them, but mostly Bridget because she wanted it soo much.

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    Holly just seems to want the whole thing. She seems to sincerely love Hef. They all seem to hold him in high regard and are seem very genuine. I was shocked by that cause it was not what I was expecting at all. still want to party with Kendra.

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    I watch this show....and I dont get it. I really dont get why young women want to saddle up to a shrively old man.

    Am I the only one to notice how 'disspassionate" for lack of better term, the kissing is between Hef and his girlfriends....I mean, the way he kisses them is like how one would kiss their grandmother....it's very weird for a man who has his fortune by exploiting and showcasing sexuality of women.

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    Did the show wrap up yet? OMG, does Hef really have a daughter named kristy/Christie? I knew a Christie /Christy/Kristy Hefner! I wonder if it's the same woman?!? Bridget (my favorite-Is she the oldest playmate?) needs a facelift/chemical peel/dermabrasion because we can see her crows feet from three yards away. But I like her best, she seems the most down to earth. She always chooses the cheekiest cutesy outfits, things I'd choose also.
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    Saw an old episode of Howard Stern last night, and Jliian grace (playmate) was talking about being in Hef's bedroom with about 9 playmates while he was getting it on with at least two other girls. (no word as to whether they were the "girlfriends") YUCK!
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