By Lucy – Celine Dion must have decided that her three-year gig in Las Vegas was a little too low-profile.

Otherwise how to explain her appearance on a reality show?

The chest-thumping diva takes a turn on Fox’s “The Princes of Malibu”, airing this Sunday (July 31).

It seems those pesky Jenner boys have used their step-father’s name – recording executive David Foster -- to score a suite at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For reasons that surely have nothing to do with prompting by producers, the hotel notifies Dion that David Foster is in town. Well, ain’t it a small world after all, because Dion and Foster shared a Grammy in 1996 for “Falling Into You.” Naturally she wants to see her old pal, so all on her own –- of course – she decides to stop by the suite.

There, Dion encounters not the responsible adult friend she expected, but the young, immature, rowdy Jenner boys. They keep her there by pretending Foster is around somewhere, while he’s really in Malibu.

When Foster gets wind of the boys’ activities, he decides they’ll be the ones paying the hotel bill. Somehow the boys manage to leave Vegas without either paying the bill or having their kneecaps smashed, and get back to Malibu to have an “Elvis convention” to raise money to pay their hotel bill.