By Lucy – What do men love more than football? That’s right – football cheerleaders. Well, and beer. But cheerleaders are still right up there.

Perhaps with that in mind, Country Music Television (CMT) is planning a two-hour special on what it takes to audition for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

Evidently it’s not all about being busty, beautiful and having an awesome high-kick. (Who knew?) “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team”, scheduled to air in November, will follow 1,000 women through the audition process until the squad is whittled down to 45, and from there, will document the squad’s training up through their first game.

CMT says their cameras have “unlimited access” and will cover three audition phases, a three-month training camp for the 45 best cheerleaders – where the squad learns more than 50 routines – and the final line-up of 38 cheerleaders at the Cowboys’ first home game of the season, against the Washington Redskins. (Presumably, this also means they'll capture the misery of those seven women who don't make the cut.)

In a press release, Kelli McGonagill Finglass – director of the Cowboys’ cheerleading squad and an executive producer for the show – said the show “breaks through the mystique of the organization to reveal a group of women with extraordinary talent, sacrifice and diversity.

“Through the years I have found that most people don’t truly understand what it takes to be a cheerleader,” Finglass added.

Really? Well, thank heavens we have CMT, then.