by Lucy – Geeks of the world, polish up your pocket protectors – the WB is looking for you.

The network is casting for the second season of “Beauty and the Geek,” its show where pretty but vapid girls are paired with gawky but smart boys in a competition to make each other more well-rounded and win a $250,000 prize.

The WB is lauching a national casting tour on July 30, led by Richard (a geek) and Lauren (a beauty) from the first season.

The second eight-episode installment will air during the 2005-2006 season.
Cities and dates for the casting tour are listed below; the network says specific locations will be announced soon.

Nashville, TN - July 30
Chicago, IL - July 31
Atlanta, GA - August 3
Dallas, TX - August 6
Atlanta, GA - August 7
Kansas City, MO - August 7
Charlotte, NC - August 11
Houston, TX - August 13
Miami, FL - August 14
Boston, MA - August 18
New York, NY - August 27
Los Angeles, CA - August 31