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Thread: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

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    Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

    Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
    Premieres Wednesday, August 3 @ 10/9c

    "D-List" darling Kathy Griffin will be featured in this unscripted series that will document the comic's life and efforts to keep her career afloat. Each episode will include a portion of Griffin's stand-up act or public appearance, as well as the behind-the-scenes negotiations and preparations that go into each performance. It's an insider's look at the indignities and encounters that can only happen when one is a well-known and under-appreciated comic doing what it takes to make a living.

    The series will also feature Griffin's "peeps," who include: her husband, Matt; her assistant, Jessica; her live-in decorator, Mike; her "gays" Dennis and Tony; her overworked public relations team; her parents; her out-of-town in-laws; and a host of others who manage to both help and hinder Griffin's quest for fame.

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    For those interested, the show starts tonight.

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    kero kerowyn66's Avatar
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    From all of the hype I'm hearing it is supposed to be very comical. I saw her original "D -List" show and thought it was hilarious.
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    As many of my fellow FORTers know, I'm a Kathy Griffin junkie. I love her like...I don't know, but I love her. Suddenly Susan, Celebrity Mole, So-Called Reality, you name it, I've seen it and she was fabulous. I also saw her "The D-List" special and it was great. I own Allegedly on DVD, and I loved both her special (Kathy Griffin Is...Not Nicole Kidman) and the premiere of her show last night.

    I will most definitely stay tuned, and "watch what happens."

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    Here to Crush Dreams yocedeith's Avatar
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    Anyone watch this last night? I really enjoyed it and thought it was one of the most "real" of the celebrity reality shows. Obviously, your feelings for the show will most likely fall in line for your feelings for the woman, but there were some undeniably funny parts (one that springs to mind is the Chevy's scebe, where she is trying to figure out how to get back on Oprah).

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    Love, love, love, love, love her! She is too funny. Her special before her new show had me rolling on the floor.

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    As one of "The Gays", it's pretty much compulsory that I love both Kathy and Margaret Cho. These are women who see things the way that most of us do, and aren't afraid to talk about it.

    I love that Kathy admits that the celebrities she talks about are actually the ones she truly admires. If she wasn't really enamored with them, she wouldn't have anything to say about them. People love to "dis" or "dish" the celebrities they love. They should take it as a complement.

    I have to give her props for letting them show her work her celebrity for the freebies. It kind of comes across as crass, but it's not something that I haven't seen other celebrities do. They just weren't being taped for a reality show while doing it. That's gutsy.
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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    Ive always been a huge Kathy G. fan!! Shes hilarious. I must say I love her house and its in last weeks US Weekly (or InTouch..I forget they are so similar! )
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    I hope it hits repeats! I missed the show last night, and I love Kathy Griffin. I love the fact that she loves reality shows. Come out of lurking, Kathy, you know you have to be at FORT with your interests!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    As one of "The Gays", it's pretty much compulsory that I love both Kathy and Margaret Cho.
    Yeah, but there can only be two "main gays."

    This is an Osbournes-quality reality show: real people with real personalities. Not only would I like to hang out with her, I'd like to hang out with her main gays, her husband and her parents.
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