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Thread: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

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    I saw Kathy on Jimmy Kimmel the other night...(new show... not a repeat)

    She mention that Matt had lost 100 pounds in like 8 months. That he was the real star of the show.

    Then her joke about it... was he did it the old fashion way... he threw up for 8 months... while she held his hair back. hahahaha!

    Kathy also mention that after they aired the show about Matt having to sell her DVD's at her concert... the sales at Amazon went through the roof.

    Then she also mention that the AP news-wire... had already called her up to cover her Christmas party this year... and she was so pleased about it.

    Now that stylist.. what a joke. For him to say insulting remarks about.. implying she was fat... just stunned me. The few names he tossed out as his clients... are always on the worst dress list 90% of the time.

    The girl is a size 6... there is nothing fat about a size 6. At least Kathy made it clear she had no desire to wear trashy looking "fad" clothes... that she wanted to dress her age... it was so refreshing. She was cracking me up talking about hip huggers, mini skirts & general ho-wear.

    Its nice to know that the show is doing so well... does anyone know how many episodes are left on Bravo? After all the goofy lame reality shows... this one is really a funny show... that truly makes me laugh out loud.

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    Where to begin with that bitchy wanna-be stylist and his (allegedly!) lover? Body language = slacker meets defiance. They even had this reek of homeless about them. For a stylist and his 'manager' their hair and clothes were a mess. I hope Kathy disinfected her sofa.

    When he dragged her into the closet (cough) to see her body - that had such a queasy Lifetime channel movie feel about it. No, Kathy! No! Just say it. She must have been tired, she seemed strangely passive during that whole exchange. Any stylish worth their salt does not need to see the person in their undies! Let alone jiggle arm fat *?* as she said he did. A designer would need to do that (see their body) maybe if they were designing a gown, or fitting a gown.. but not a stylist! He could see her shape just fine. The rest is up to the tailor, yes?

    The insults he gave her were unprofessional as well as rude, ignorant, and even racially biased ("you have a body like a black woman" as if that's a bad thing). And, I bet he was only the assistant to whoever styled Mandy Moore et al. Hwd. can run on such BS sometimes. Brava to Kathy for firing him!! I wanted her to do that a lot sooner though Glad she slept on it and saw him for what he was - a trashy user.

    Not that I hated him or anything

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    Lance Bass

    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith
    I love this show! It just might be the first "reality show" about people who don't suffer from delusions of grandeur.

    But wait! Is Lance Bass now officially out of the closet, or did he inadvertently out himself by appearing on Kathy's show? He showed up during one of those nights when she was hanging out with her gays.
    I was thinking the same thing too. When there was a shot of him after Kathy mentioned that she's having "gay" night I thought there would be a disclaimer remark such as, "it's gay night," and Lance Bass stopped by too.
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    I was lmao last week when they showed the illustration of what happened at the view with starr acting like beast that she is. Kathy didn't deserve that, however she's a better person then starr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest
    Do you need an iPod or equivalent to listen, or is there a way to listen on the PC? I can't buy anything!


    You can listen to them on your computer using iTunes (Mac/PC) and it's FREE! Listen for Kathy's Oprah/Hermés remark.

    About Gay night and Lance Bass: I saw that too and Kathy did nothing to disqualify him as gay. I think she called Matt honorarily gay or something, but not Lance. Hmmmmm....
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    I think the most endearing quality about Kathy is that she seems like one of us...She's someone you could totally go out with, have a few margaritas and talk stink about everyone else with!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest
    There's something about Kathy that just makes us want to stick up for her. Probably the knowledge that she is saying exactly what we think, and reacting to things just as we would. She really is fantastic. Smart, funny, and deserving of all her success and that great house and husband. I hope she reads this and knows how likeable she is to the average viewer.
    Well put, Harvest. I want to protect her too ... and steal her main gays.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who loves me some Kathy. I was afraid it was just my co-dependent nature reaching right through that tv set at her. I think we feel like she needs protecting maybe cos we can identify - we've been there, when the Paltrows of the world look at us for no reason and go "HUH?"

    Netflixed her DVD and will likely buy it and buy some more for gifts, especially for soldiers. I'm corresponding with one or two in beautiful downtown Kandahar, and had no idea it was THAT bad despite of course hearing that... somehow still pix don't do it justice. If you see the DVD - check out "Kathy's Home Movies" - eeyikes, the pseudo taliban army looks like they are about to stone a witch.

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    Star Jones "Evil" T-shirt - KG - My Life on the D-list

    Okay - can someone please tell me where and how I can find the 'Star Jones Evil' T-shirt that one of Kathy G's "Main Gays" was wearing on her Grammy episode? I MUST have it. Can't find one on Ebay or via Google. - Chim Chim

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    I just saw this show on Wednesday, for the first time, no plan to watch it, and WHAM....sooooooo hysterical! She's a psychotically gifted comedian(comedianne?). I'm stunned to see that her prep for her shows is so minimal, she just sort of "wings it". I.e. most of her funny is on the fly.

    Does anybody remember when she was on Entertainment Tonight and got all that plastic surgery? She just looks so unusual without make-up on. But she rocks. I loved the way she ended up describing the first stylist to others. But I'm stunned that a stylist needs to look at you NUDE before dressing you???

    Also loved: her outgoing message on her "biggest fan's" cell phone.

    Anyhow, yada yada, glad to see other people are watching this too. I'm starting to Tivo it.
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