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Thread: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

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    Don't forget - Tonight at 9 pm on Bravo

    Kathy Griffin: Strong Black Woman

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    Can't wait for the new special either! I also just saw the commercial once, and she says something like "how much are you enjoying the Tom Cruise meltdown?!?"

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    I'm so glad you all reminded me of this, as I would have forgotten. She's so uniquely crass and down and to earth, and says all the things we're thinking.
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    I thought the special last night was pretty good and the clips from the 2nd season looked pretty good as well.

    I thought it was sweet how much the audience applauded when she said that she and Matt were trying to work through their marital difficulties.

    I have to admit, I was surprised when she dropped her pants. It didn't seem like it was that necessary to telling the story, but I guess she was going for the shock value.

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    I believe that Kathy and Matt are back together. I read on one the gossip blogs that she had told them directly things are back on track. And from what she implied in the stand up sounds like he was the one that got fed up and left.

    I so wanted Kathy to say something interesting about Star Jones and the E! red carpet thing. What she did say... was pretty tamed. I had hoped she would let go and really blister Star Jones butt for all that bad behavior but she didn't.

    I did like her telling of the ebay - Celine Dion thing... and how lovely Celine was to her. Even knowing that Kathy has said some brutal things about her. I am not a big fan of her music... but I like hearing she had alot of class. And how nervous it made Kathy for Celine to still be nice to her.

    What I had prayed for.... is that Kathy would have her own Paris Hilton story to tell. Of all people that is the one I like to hear Kathy's take on....

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    I totally agree gaby about the Star Jones antics.. I was SO hoping she'd rip into her. Wonder if there has been some "mending fences" between the two? I can't stand Star.

    Celine Dion.. ugh! I can't stand her either, but with her being so damn cordial w/the signatures and everything else..a little teeny part of my was liking her.
    I LOVED how Kathy imitated how Celine will come out on stage and act surpriseddddd and shockedddd that the audience is there! Too funny!

    Kathy always makes me laugh. But I must say, her continuous (constant) mention of "her gays" is starting to get annoying. I swear.. with the whole show, she had to of said it about 269 times. The first 200 times were funny, then after that .. it's like.. ok. We.get.it.

    Very cute how she had her "babies" come out on stage!!
    Helped put a couple of naughty-dog-faces to the story!
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    The latest report is that Kathy and Matt are splitting again. The reconciliation did not work, apparently. It is in this week's Star and they have not denied it.

    I think they are still friends. He helps her with her website, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMLEsq
    A second season of “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” kicks off June 6.
    He he! I'm ridiculously excited that this show is back! *giddy* Thanks for the info. MMLEsq.

    And I had no idea that Kathy and Matt might have split. I still remember how they appeared at Krispy Kreme.
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    Star and Jay

    I have missed some episodes from the first season. What exactly did Star say? And I got that Jay called kathy ugly, but ho did he do it....and what was her reaction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by giddyboi View Post
    And I got that Jay called kathy ugly, but ho did he do it....and what was her reaction?
    In response to a pic of Kathy and Carmen Electra, Jay said it looked like a before and after pic. Then went on to say they look like the typical hot girl at a bar....and her not so hot friend. He's a tool.

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