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Thread: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

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    This show is super funny and original and she is not trying to put up a front. Quality reality television.

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    She's just so comical, that you want to keep watching and watching. The reality of it is what makes it even funnier. She's just a real person whose opinions are hilarious.

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    I like her too. I wish she didn't feel like she had to get plastic surgery though. The Hollywood mentality really makes women do crazy things to stay in the business.

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    Lol.. I always liked Kathy's specials, but I'm just watching her show (rerun of course) and I'm just like, this is great! she rocks.. She reminds me of myself a little, we're story tellers.. thats her whole stand up, its story telling.. LOL... but it's so great!
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    This show is fantastic! Bravo scores again - first Being Bobby Brown and now this! Kathy rocks! I loved the "Gayken" (Clay Aiken) segment of her set on the most recent episode lmao!

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    Please make her go away.
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    I really like Kathy. I don't get Bravo, so I haven't seen much of her standup, but I have heard her on Howard Stern which she is a regular. I find her more interesting then funny, but still do think she is funny. As a "gay" person, I love when she says "one of my gays" Its like she owns us She has a "gay" cult following. She looked pretty good, before her plastic surgery, she really needs to stop. Their is a 4 or 5 page article in Los Angeles magazine(I think, thats the name of it). I live in Cleveland, but we get it here. Its really good. She has done really well for herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    Ive always been a huge Kathy G. fan!! Shes hilarious. I must say I love her house and its in last weeks US Weekly (or InTouch..I forget they are so similar! )
    But did she get the couch for free? or cost? haha! She was killing me with the guy who was there to talk to her about the custom couch. I laughed so much watching her work him...

    And the stuff about the Gaykins was just funny. (I think it was her stand up show.. "Not Nicole Kidman" she got on the rant about Clay Aiken) But it still was not as funny as her story with Sharon Stone...

    But how about that t-shirt one of her main gays had on... "Oprah has gone crazy".... he was wearing it when they met for lunch... as they talked about how to get her back on the Oprah show...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby
    But it still was not as funny as her story with Sharon Stone...
    OMG, that was hilarious! The bit with Rosie O'Donnell and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" had me rolling! Then, Darren Star says "I'm in for ten!" (or was it twenty?) - I just fell out! She has a way of telling a story that feels like she's talking to friends - probably because she doesn't write down routines and just speaks off the top of her head.

    I'm loving this show! The stuff with her parents where she was talking about adopting a Cambodian crack baby was priceless! It's obvious where she got her sense of humor.

    That house is gorgeous! I wonder how much of it was free.
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    Another great show. "The Resort" really came together. The shopping spree was a hoot. Heh heh, I wonder how much she got the $20,000.00 custom sectional for? Hmmmm.

    I love that she's so honest about herself, I mean how many people let alone celebrities would let you see them on TV without makeup (I know Sharon Osbourne did). She doesn't pretend she's naturally slim, or that she eats like a bird. It's hard being a celebrity.

    Uh, Kathy's mother-in-law is amazingly similar to her - Control freak, travels with her personal gay, Is the top in her relationship.

    I loved that "The Fundraiser" was a success. My, Ray Romano has a very good internal clock, exactly 15 minutes.
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