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Thread: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)

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    I saw a rerun of one of her "D List" shows last night, the one where she talks about Streisand on the Oprah show.
    I laughed the first time I saw it and I laughed again last night.
    Speilberg really is pretty humourless.
    I thought that Dakota Fanning joke was funny.
    It worked simply because Dakota is such a smart and together little girl.

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    The look on Scarlett's face said it all... she was stunned. Then Isaac went back for more boob grabbing on her after the first grab. Then the constant off-color remarks to the women in general. If I was Kathy... I would be sitting at home on the couch laughing my ass-off... at the whole thing.
    Yeh that. I hope she puts it in her new season. I'd love to see video footage of her with "her main gays" loving every minute of that debacle.

    Too bad NBC doesn't put her on the redcarpet...
    Well, somebody should! And when ratings go through the roof, maybe E! or someone else will listen. Viewers are tired of the same old. (But Isaac's chester the molester routine isn't what I mean!!)

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    I watched every episode of My Life On The D-List and absolutely loved it! I have always been a Kathy G fan. This is the first I have heard about a second season, needless to say, I am ecstatic!

    I agree, the Dakota Fanning joke was funny.
    I agree, tell speilberg to kiss her arse

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    E! did let her host a "Worst of the red carpet" special (did anyone see it?), in which I finally got to see an example of what Isaac did. He kept repeating the same tasteless gag (obsessed with bodies and underwear) to everyone, whereas Kathy always worked so hard to have a variety of jokes. At least she got to tell jokes on this special!

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    I forgot when she is gonna be taping in L.A. I wish I can go!

    I don't know if I have seen all of what Isaac Mizrahi said/did on the red carpet, still. (But) It's gonna go to the halls of Television infamy! (I would looove to hear what Kathy Griffin says about all that in her standup act! I hope it's on her show, like when they filmed her watching Project Runway's finale. Can't you just imagine what she and 'her main gays' had to say about Isaac's kerfuffle?)

    I was watching that new show # 1 Single with Lisa Loeb (reality show) the other day? And in it, she appears on Isaac Mizrahi's talk show. He asked to see her underwear!! She didn't mind. After some thought she took off her pants and modeled her undies for him! He said they were cute and that she has a cute 'butt'. Hmmm.

    Is he a perv or just tries to be funny and has no clue how? I can't decide. And that will answer whether I take his talk show off my TiVo season pass or not! Why is he so obsessed with women's nether regions? He doesn't even design lingerie.

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    I'm so glad there will be a second season! For some reason, I assumed it would be a one-time thing. I caught the "Best of the Worst Red Carpet" hosted by Kathy, and it was pretty good. She's very quick-witted on her feet, so E! would do well to let her host again.

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    With good reason - there was a story at about the time of her divorce announcement, that there would not be a second season. Then she and Matt got back together, and the show was on again too. At least that's as I understand. Hard to keep up!

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    Kathy starts filming the new season this month and it is tentatively scheduled to air on Bravo this June.

    There will be lots of surprises in store. Alot has changed since the series ended and all will be revealed. It doesnt all have to do with Matt either.

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    VCR alert: Kathy is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night. (Thurs. Feb. 9)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    VCR alert: Kathy is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night. (Thurs. Feb. 9)
    please tell me you meant to say tivo

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