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Thread: Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive

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    Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive


    Billionaire Brats At Home on the Range

    July 19, 2005
    The wealthy progeny of the rich and privileged find themselves knee-deep in manure when they trade in their fancy cars and designer duds for steers, stallions and the cowboy way in "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive," a new reality series debuting August 7 on E! Entertainment Television.

    You may not necessarily recognize them now, but you'll immediately recognize their famous names. The colorful cast of "Filthy Rich" includes HALEY GIRALDO (the daughter of '80s rocker PAT BENATAR), ALEX QUINN (son of legendary actor ANTHONY QUINN), GEORGE FOREMAN III (son of the boxing champ and grill king), SHANNA FERRIGNO (daughter of "Incredible Hulk" bodybuilder LOU FERRIGNO) and NOAH BLAKE (son of infamous "Baretta" star ROBERT BLAKE).

    "For me, it was really the adventure of it," says Noah. "It's not every day you get to do something totally new. You can't help but walk away with appreciation for it."

    The series promises a unique combination of action, drama and comedy as these kids of famous actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, media kingpins and royalty must give up their frills and brave bad weather and the dust and dirt of the open range to corral moody cows on a 100-mile cattle drive in Colorado. Yee-haw!!!

    Manhattan "It" boy FABIAN BASABE, "Gastineau Girl" BRITTNY GASTINEAU, KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN (daughter of music mogul/attorney ROBERT KARDASHIAN), HONORABLE ALEXANDER CLIFFORD (son of The 14th Baron The Lord THOMAS HUGH JOHN CLIFFORD of Chudleigh, Devon) and COURTENAY SEMEL (daughter of Yahoo! CEO TERRY SEMEL) round out the fish-out-of-water cast of the cattle ranching reality series.

    "My idea of roughing it was so different than what we did," says the blonde Haley. "I thought it was going to be very Hollywood; pretend we're camping and really go to the Four Seasons ... I missed the little things: bathroom, shower, running water."

    Watch ET for more with the cast of "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive"!
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    So Brittny was such a favorite on this show, after siding with Fabian, but it certainly led HER in the right direction! I think it helped show her that she CAN do tv, (hence Gastineau Girls) and CAN take the plunge and go deeper into her modelling career...so what if college isn't for everyone?! Why do we go? To learn skills to make money...she's certainly makin' the dough without a degree!

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