By Mantenna time change on the horizon for Wednesday night edition of Rock Star: INXS.

Coming soon, fans of Mark Burnett's newest foray into reality television, Rock Star: INXS will have thirty minutes less to wait before hearing the results of each week's performance competition. Effective July 20th, Rock Star and sitcom The King of Queens will be trading time slots, which places the musical competition at 9:00, eastern time.

The Wednesday night show, which now follows Tommy Hilfiger's The Cut, presents the live results of each week's series of performances on Rock Star. Each week, the contestants face off in a performance showdown on Tuesday night, where a worldwide vote determines who will continue in the three-month audition process. On Wednesday nights, the three contestants with the lowest number of votes perform a song of supergroup INXS's choosing, and one contestant is ultimately eliminated.