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Thread: The Swan?

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    The Swan?

    Is The Swan ever gonna come on again or what?

    I loved that show so much!

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    Sorry, but the official word from FOX is that this show has been cancelled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Sorry, but the official word from FOX is that this show has been cancelled.
    Personally, I'm glad to hear it. I liked the show at first although I did not like the "contest" aspect of it.

    After reading a few articles/interviews about the show (including a piece in People) I was left feeling the girls were such ingrates. I'm sure there are some who were thankful for the experience and not bitter/negative on the whole.

    I'd love to have a grand-makeover... but I think I'd be so much more appreciative.

    Oh well, this won't be back but there was a commercial on BBC America last night for a new show I think called "A Whole New You". The male dentist from The Swan was on the commercial and it seemed like the show was an exact duplicate of The Swan.

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    I thought this show was the surprise hit?

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