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Thread: Hogan Knows Best (VH1)

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    Brooke is such a pretty girl but her dad is right, if she wants to be famous, she needs to lose some weight. She's pretty tall too maybe if her singing career doesn't work out, she can be a model.

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    I'm only catching a few minutes of this show here and there, because it's the show that's on just before The Surreal Life 5, so I catch parts while I'm waiting for SR5 to come on.

    I can't really say it's a show I'd like to watch, since Hulk Hogan really doesn't interest me, but I do have to say I like the relationship he and his daughter seem to have. The bits I caught tonight were him and Brooke in the recording studio, and she was singing the lyrics of the song about 'Daddy', and he was obviously touched, as well as proud of his daughter. I liked that.
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    ok i saw tonights show 7-31-05 and Hulk gets the invite to be inducted to the wresting hall of fame ( as long as you wrestled for the WWF/WWE, since they are ignoring Ole Anderson) and then thye plan on having him do a run in on a match the next night for wrestlemania twentytoomany. I noticed when Hogan was psycing hisself up for the run in that it was mentioned that his kids have never seen him go through this routine and mind set that he had to get hisself into.

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    I am catching this show on the fly usually. I thought the show where Hulk and Brook went to LA was good. The two of them went to the gym to work out and as they were leaving, a nice looking gentleman noticed Hulk and introduced himself as a fan. Hulk recognized the man and said that he had seen some of his films years before. ( I did not catch his name)
    Brook jumped in and asked what films this man had been in and if she might have seen them? Hulk kind of brushed her off. She then touched the man lightly on the forearm.
    The man started to introduce himself to Brook and commented that she was really pretty. Hulk intervened and said that he and Brook had to leave.
    When they got outside, Hulk told Brook that she had to wash her hands. That the man they just met was a PORN STAR!!!. It was so funny watching her reaction She jumped up and down shaking her hand as if it were infected with cooties and saying EWWWWWWWWWWW A little over the top, but still funny.
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    also, did you see some of the older wrestlers? man, time has taken their toll on some of them for sure.......compared to them Terry looks like a man in his 30s as long as he is wearing something on top of his head.

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    Hulk seems to be a good father..talks to his kids,is protective over them.
    But leave the Hulk Hogan character in the ring..I've met a few wrestlers
    outside the ring,they were not in "character".....I do enjoy the show.
    since they are ignoring Ole Anderson
    Do you mean Arn Anderson? Ole has never wrestled in the WWE..

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    I agree with you about leaving the Hulk Hogan character in the ring. I find it kind of distracting when he's at his house and all of a sudden he does one of his wrestling poses or uses one of his catch phrases. It makes it a little harder for me to get into what the show is supposed to be about, him and his family. Thanks

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    8/7 - show is a repeat of the series premiere

    VH1 is repeating its Sunday nite lineup at what only 4 weeks of showing new shows. Please someone explain to me the wisdom of that???

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    I have to give the Hogans props, because they try their best to raise their children as "normally" as they can and yet allow them the benefits and advantages that wealth and celebrity can give them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    I have to give the Hogans props, because they try their best to raise their children as "normally" as they can and yet allow them the benefits and advantages that wealth and celebrity can give them.
    Exactly what I wanted to say. I think Hogan is doing a fabulous job - he's trying, and that means the world to any child knowing that they're parents are merely trying their hardest to give their kids a wonderful life.

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