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Thread: Martha's Apprentice has Wrapped Up

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    Martha's Apprentice has Wrapped Up

    June 22, 2005 -- EXCLUSIVE

    THE Martha version of "The Apprentice" is a wrap and not the sandwich kind.

    Producers wrapped up filming for the Martha Stewart edition of the popular NBC reality series last week and will now spend the rest of the summer editing it for the fall debut.

    Of the hundreds of hours that the domestic diva devoted to the show (she was forced to wear her pesky house-arrest electronic ankle bracelet for the whole production), roughly 15 hours will make it into prime-time.

    A similar formula has been used for the last few years on the Donald Trump version of the show.

    Although details are scarce, on the Martha edition when contestants are told to leave, they are not "fired" as they are on the Trump show, nor is there a boardroom, a source close to the production said.

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    "It's got totally different terminology and a different look than The Donald [version]," the insider said, declining to say how the Martha wannabes get the ax.

    It is believed that the deed might take place in the kitchen or garden of Stewart's Westchester home.

    "It's also got totally different rules and regulations," the source says.

    Contestants do not get to live in a luxurious suite in Trump Tower as the wannabe moguls do on the original edition of the series.

    Oh yeah, and two of the contestants are gay, says the source.

    NBC officials declined to comment.

    Meanwhile it will be very hard not to overdose on "The Apprentice" next fall.

    NBC is airing both editions each week. Not to mention the repeats that will appear on cable.

    NBC's schedule this fall will pit the new "Apprentice" hosted by Stewart on Wednesday nights against the original version, starring Trump, on Thursdays.

    "The Apprentice" is one of two new TV shows that Stewart hopes will relaunch her career. The second is a daily syndicated talkshow that will air on local NBC stations around the U.S., Ch. 4 here.

    The celebrity home-crafts queen had to put her life on hold after she was convicted and went to jail last year for lying about her sale of ImClone stock in December 2001.

    Stewart was sentenced to five months behind bars and five months of home confinement but is allowed to leave her house a few days a week for work.

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    Wha? When did she have time to do this already? Didn't she get out of prison in, like, April?
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    I think the deal was made before she even got out of jail, btw, how many hours is she allowed out of her house a day?

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    It sure sounds like a rush job to me. Let's hope the editors are creative.

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