No One Expects “Capital One's FEAR FACTOR Home Invasion,” and Other Changes to the NBC Perennial

by SnowflakeGirl – I’m sure you’ve found yourself sitting in your comfy chair on a regular week night, watching a pneumatic lingerie model eat boiled pig rectum and thinking, “I could totally do that.” You have, haven’t you? Confess! Well, prick up your ears, NBC has good news for you armchair thrill-seekers: now you needn’t have to peel your bum off your Barcolounger to prove fear is not a factor for you.

NBC has just announced that reality staple FEAR FACTOR is getting an extreme makeover with a home edition of its very own. Seeking to keep things fresh for its sixth season on air, the seminal American gross-out competition will venture outside the confines of its Los Angeles home in order to infiltrate households across the nation, and challenge families to perform an actual FEAR FACTOR stunt to be performed on their own turf.

The show hopes to hit 22 cities nationwide, and casting directors are currently seeking potential contestants who are ready to face their fears head on for the chance at the weekly prize: a $5,000 Capital One credit card. Producers are looking for people who are energetic and fearless; households may be comprised of families, friends, or roommates. The search is taking place in the following markets:

Portland, Maine
Boston, Massachusetts
Province, Rhode Island
Hartford, Connecticut
New York City
Northern New Jersey
Wilmington, Delaware
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Hagerstown, Maryland
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Alexandria, Virginia
Toledo, Ohio
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
Kenosha Wisconsin
Dubuque, Iowa
Rochester, Minnesota
Fargo, North Dakota
Huntsville, Alabama
Oxford, Mississippi
Memphis, Tennessee
Evansville, Indiana
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Owensboro, Kentucky
Los Angeles, California

Households must send a recent picture of themselves, the other members of their household, and pictures of the inside and outside of their home to Applicants will also need to describe who lives in the house, their relation, contact information, and why they feel their household is the single place in that city FEAR FACTOR should come visit. Additional instructions and details are available by emailing or by visiting and clicking on "Apply" at the top of the page.

“Capital One's FEAR FACTOR Home Invasion” is just one of several new changes to the NBC reality competition classic. There’s a new stunt team (with credits such as The Matrix Revolution, Kill Bill Vol. 2, and Minority Report) that promises bigger and better stunts. FEAR FACTOR also plans on setting two-person teams against each other in “exotic” locales such as: an aircraft carrier, a South American country, The Psycho house from Universal's backlot. Aside from cash prizes of at least $50,000, new prizes include “invitations to Hollywood premieres, trips around the world, a garage stocked with new cars, and the chance to fly a fighter jet over Russia.”

Those aren’t the only innovations FEAR FACTOR is introducing this year. Opening soon: "FEAR FACTOR Live" at the Universal theme parks in both Universal City, CA, and Orlando, FL. This is the first time a reality television program has inspired theme park attractions.