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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of June 13 - 19

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    Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of June 13 - 19

    Each week our team of writers compiles the most memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote in this week's POLL!

    He's Got Legs And He Knows How To Use Them
    On this week's The Scholar, the cocky Davis didn't win a single challenge. In fact, he didn't even make it to the Admissions Showdown. He did, however, make the dubious decision to purchase a short cheerleading skirt at the campus store when the Gold Team went shopping before the Team Challenge. Perhaps too comfortable with himself, Davis strolled around campus in his skirt trying to entice students to attend the men's volleyball game. He provided much amusement and showed off some nice looking legs before he realized he'd committed a little gaffe. And, I don't mean he forgot to cross his legs when he sat down. Instead, he learned the danger of wearing a skirt without pockets by losing the Gold Team's $100 gift card to the campus store they had intended to give away as a raffle prize at the game. In the end, Davis did demonstrate that while he can be insufferable, he does have a sense of honor by using $100 of his own money to buy a replacement card.

    I Think I'll Skip The Kidney Special

    On the last episode of Hell's Kitchen, we were treated to Jeff writhing on the hallway floor in supposed pain from a kidney stone. This week, the show opened with Jeff in the bathroom passing the stone. Is this the last we heard of the kidney stone? Oh no. Like a fourth grader at show and tell, Jeff put his kidney stone in a jar which he brought with him to Hell's Kitchen to prove that he wasn't lying about his pain. The ever empathetic Elsie exclaimed, "It's that small!" upon being shown the evidence. Unfortunately, the lack of a kidney stone did nothing to improve Jeff's performance. At the grocery story while doing the shopping under a tight deadline for the team challenge, Jeff decided to browse through the card section. Later, in the kitchen after Ramsay had understandably chewed him out, Jeff decided to mutter under his breath just loud enough for the sous chef to hear. When he was called on his insubordination, Jeff quit in a huff. Absent Jeff's negative presence, his team pulled out the victory. Let's just hope Jeff remembered to take his kidney stone with him.

    I Say, Get it While You Can
    Having trouble getting some action? Get thee to a reality show, quick! Beauty and the Geek's Richard, by his own admission, had never kissed a girl prior to coming on the show. Channeling a strange mix of Woody Allen and Average Joe's David Daskell, Richard may have won himself plenty of camera time, but his obnoxious behavior and blatant tries at alliance-making didn't win over his competitors. Lucky for Richard, his tutelage paid off when his partner Mindi easily saved the pair from elimination and sent Krystal and Brad packing. As Krystal was hugging Richard goodbye, the kissless wonder did a quick calculation of the distance between their lips and decided there was no time like the present, leaning in and kissing her on the mouth. Caught with her guard down, Krystal was a bit shocked, but had to hand it to ol' Rich for having the guts to go for it. Richard, you can put your Chapstick away now - I don't think you'll be getting kiss number two (or any more hugs) now that the remaining gals know what you're up to.

    Sticky Situation

    In the premiere episode of 30 Days, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée, Alex, found out the hard way that living on minimum wage is tough on relationships as well as the checkbook. After 23 days of walking to work in the cold to save bus fare, the usually mellow Alex hit the roof when Morgan spent $1.20 on two sticky buns for his visiting niece and nephew. As their quarrel escalated, Morgan looked nervously at the camera and wondered, uh oh - is this what married life will be like?

    Not So Fabulous.

    Two weeks into The Cut we have yet to see the contestants design a single article of clothing between them. They did at least get to work with fabric this week in completing the challenge to outfit the interior of an SUV for music star Fabulous.
    On a night club outing to get to know their subject better, Chris C took the Fab aside to quietly gather vital information about his likes and dislikes with a view to creating the interior Fab himself would like.
    Princess on the opposing team rolled with a different tactic, i.e. basically throw yourself at the guy in the hope that he'll prefer your design simply because he's so mesmerized by you.
    Rather than create the calm, classy interior Fab had told Chris he was looking for, Princess rocked every rap cliche in the book on her trip to the fabric store, steering her team into a design that SUV was fur and animal print a-gogo.
    Despite her continued assurances that she'd worked Fab into a sufficient frenzy for her team to pull out the win, it was Chris's tactic of actually listening to the client that proved successful.
    Perhaps Princess will at least have learned that it was the ride she was supposed to be pimping, not herself.

    Warp Speedo.
    It was another fun week on Dancing With The Stars.
    The skill of John, Rachel and Joey once again overshone the clunkfootedness of Evander and the missteps and bewildered looks of Kelly.
    The rigourous training schedule under the watchful and somewhat tyrannical eye of partner Charlotte has even lead to John losing a hefty thirteen pounds.
    Once again judge Carrie Ann puckered up and delivered the kiss of death by declaring them "the team to beat".
    As if that traditional audience turn-off wasn't enough, Charlotte then declared "If I can get him to lose 20 he'll dance in a Speedo".
    Good luck with then weight loss John.
    Hopefully Speedo has upped the level of gusset support just in case you reach Charlotte's goal during jive week.

    Many thanks to this week's contributors, in alphabetical order, Fluff, Mariner & oneTVslave
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    John in a speedo? just might give Dancing with the stars a TV-MA rating for that episode be sure to watch it with the one you love.

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