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Thread: Diversity Coming to the Neighborhood on ABC

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    Diversity Coming to the Neighborhood on ABC

    Diversity Coming to the Neighborhood on ABC

    by Mariner

    FansofRealityTv.com-Who doesn’t wish they could pick their neighbors? Starting Sunday July 10th at 9 pm ET/PT, three suburban families who reside on a cul-de-sac in the Circle C Ranch Development near Austin, Texas will have the opportunity to do just that and have their preconceived notions put to the test. The three families include the Stewarts whose patriarch is known in the neighborhood as the “governor,” the staunchly conservative Mr. Bellamy and his three less conservative children, and the devoutly religious Daniels’ family who are looking for like-minded neighbors.
    The seven families competing to move into the neighborhood are widely diverse. They include:

    The religious African-American Crenshaw family;
    The Caucasian multiple god worshipping Eckharts;
    The rowdy Hispanic Gonzalez family;
    The sushi restaurant owning Asian-American Lee family;
    The Caucasian Morgan family which has a mysterious secret that makes it sound like they would fit in perfectly on Wisteria Lane;
    The Caucasian, highly conservative Sheets family who happen to sport an abundance of tattoos; and
    The gay Wright family which includes Caucasian parents and an adopted African-American child.

    At stake, a 3300 square foot four bedroom and two and a half bath furnished home. Every week the seven competing families will compete in a challenge designed by the three neighborhood families to see who they want as neighbors. In the premiere, each of the competing families must design a booth for a neighborhood carnival. The winner will be determined by which booth earns the most money. The winner will receive a free pass while one of the other families will be eliminated by the neighbors.

    Welcome to the Neighborhood" is a production of MGM, New Screen Concepts and the Jay and Tony Show Productions.

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    Sounds like it be interesting, TBS had a show where ssomeone won a mansion this kinda sounds like it only on a larger scale

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