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Thread: "Groomed" on W network

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    "Groomed" on W network

    Anybody remember Paul Hogan? No, not the one with the big knife, the one who was the butler on "Joe Millionaire". He has a new show called "Groomed". It's on the W network in Canada, at 8 pm on Saturday nights. I missed the premiere last night, but luckily there's a rerun tonight at 6 pm. Apparently he's giving makeovers to men who are about to be married. I'm going to check it out simply because I always got a kick out of this guy.

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    I was wondering what Paul was doing. Glad he is at least doing something.

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    What did you think?


    My husband, John, was the one made over on Groomed. Paul Hogan was amazing to work with. I'd love to hear what you thought of the show. Also, the W Network bought the series after the pilot aired and Paul is going to do 12 more shows.

    Hilary Stievenart

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    oooh, I always liked Paul on Joe Millionaire. Is this only airing in Canada?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    oooh, I always liked Paul on Joe Millionaire. Is this only airing in Canada?
    I believe so LG. It was shot in Toronto.

    Welcome to FORT, Hilary! Congratulations on your marriage. The ceremony was very touching and you looked quite beautiful.

    I'll keep watching - I lurve Paul.

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