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Thread: Beauty and the Beasts Behind Them: New Show Examines the Business Side of Modeling

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    Beauty and the Beasts Behind Them: New Show Examines the Business Side of Modeling

    Beauty and the Beasts Behind Them: New Reality Series, ‘The Agency,’ Looks Beyond the Pretty Faces of Modeling to Examine the Business That Creates Them

    by SnowflakeGirl

    FansofRealityTV.com – When it comes to modeling, audiences are by now familiar with the girls who “wanna be on top,” but what about the people who make their living by getting them there? People like Sean, Pink, Greg, Lorri, Anita, Becky and Carlos: the booking agents of the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. This fall, viewers will be allowed to go deep inside the not-so-pretty, nitty gritty side of the business of beautiful faces, in a new reality series tentatively titled ‘The Agency.’

    VH1, the popular, pop culture-centered network, has ordered 10 episodes of this half-hour series which teams one of the world’s largest model agency chains, Wilhelmina, with GRB Entertainment, producers of non-fiction TV series such as ‘Growing Up Gotti ‘(A&E) and ‘Next Action Star’ (NBC), in order to “blow open the doors to the scintillating world of modeling with a stark look at the lives of these men and women who mold, shape, scold and comfort--all in an effort to create some of the most sought after and recognizable faces in the world.”

    Insiders promise that ‘The Agency’ will not be a “sugar-coated” fluff piece on the modeling industry, but rather a realistic examination of an actual agency that will unabashedly expose how the modeling industry truly operates, as well as how agents and talent really interact—for better and worse. With hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of dollars at stake, the pressure on all of the players of the industry is enormous, so tension can run high and egos, out-of-control, at client meetings, on casting calls, and even on the catwalk.

    The agents’ professional livelihoods depend on their ability to rein in the talent of their “naive, flighty, sometimes hugely impressionable models and delivering them on time and looking fabulous, to the agency's demanding clients.” The series will go to the fashion capitols of the world, from New York City to Milan, in order to give a “no holds barred view into the world of these high-strung puppet masters of the modeling world.”

    ‘The Agency’ is set to premiere on VH1 this Fall.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    VH1 - crap. Not having cable, I guess I'll have to time my workouts at the gym with when this airs. It could be interesting.
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    Wow sounds great.. darn wonder how I'd get hold of this too.

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    No Vh1 in Canada. But often they show VH1 shows on Muchmoremusic. Hopefully at the same time and not months afterwards, though.
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