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Thread: It's All in the Numbers, Eh?

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    It's All in the Numbers, Eh?

    By Mantenna
    Fansofrealitytv.com With the curtain rising on Canadian Idol's third glorious season, here are a few fun facts at the finish of this year's audition tour--spanning over 8,100 kilometers, thirteen weeks, thirteen cities visited, and 187 gold tickets handed out.

    Compared to Season Two's audition tour, this year saw a 21% increase in the number of golden tickets rewarded. Beat that, Willy Wonka! Toronto, Ontario, was the city that boasted the most golden tickets with 37, while Charlottetown, PEI, and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, have the dubious honor of receiving the least . . . zero. The city with the best gold ticket success rate (the number of tickets provided compared to the overall turnout) was Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Many of us would like to see another male star like Jacob Hoggard, and the city with the most guys auditioning was St. John's, Newfoundland, which contributed 29%. However, the overall percentage of gold ticket winners was claimed by the women, who comprise 63% of the total winners. The total competitors represent ten provinces and three territories, and a whopping 43% of the competitors are aged eighteen or younger.

    Finally, the most-performed artists during the audition tour were legendary folk singer Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, Sarah Mclachlan, Christina Aguilera, and crooner Josh Groban. The most-performed songs, which the judges will likely never want to hear again, were R&B standard "Something to Talk About," traditional hymn "Amazing Grace," Edwin McCain's "I'll Be," and, oddly enough, George and Ira Gershwin's "Summertime." It must have been the 57% percent of auditioners who were of age and worldly enough to remember the old chestnut.

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    Many of us would like to see another male star like Jacob Hoggard
    I think they broke the mould when they made Jacob.

    Great article, Manny.

    Even after seeing just the early audition shows it's easy to tell they'veuinearthed some mroe great Canadian talent this seaosn.

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