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Thread: Ratings Solid for Spears' "Chaotic"

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    Ratings Solid for Spears' "Chaotic"


    by phat32

    Their numbers are in, and oops, you'd like to see Britney and Kevin again and don't find them "Toxic."

    Executives at the United Paramount Network (UPN) are popping the bubbly as Nielsen delivered the good news May 31 for "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic."

    The reality program captured a respectable second place among women in the 12-34 age category and third among women 18-34.

    More good news for UPN: contrasted against numbers from this same period a year ago, "Chaotic" improved the time-period average by double digits: 36 percent among adults 18-34, 10 percent among adults 18-49, 53 percent among women 18-34, 14 percent among women 18-49.

    23-year-old Britney Spears began her career in show business at the age of 11 appearing as a regular on "The Mickey Mouse Club." She skyrocketed to fame with the hit "...Baby One More Time" in 1998.

    Kevin Federline is Spears' second husband. Her first marriage, a Jan. 2004 Las Vegas ceremony to childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander, captured worldwide attention...and sparked moral outrage when Spears annulled the union two days later.

    Federline was a dancer on Spears' aborted 2004 tour. He fathered two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. Federline reportedly began dating Spears while Jackson was pregnant with their second child, Kaleb.

    Spears and Federline married Sept. 18, 2004. The singer announced her pregnancy through her Web site last month.
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    UPN--Where you can watch the train wreck as it happens, and ogle and gape at the aftermath too!!!!!
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    I have heard "spin" and damage control before, but this crap from UPN takes the cake. Sure, every train wreck gets a crowd, but UPN doesn't talk about the declining number of viewers from week to week and the fact that the audience numbers erode over the course of each show. I guess that they have to try and put a brave face on this crap, but this effort by UPN is brilliant in a bizarre way. I guess that as long as they can torture the numbers to put a happy face on the mess, then who cares about the content anyway? I have had a gnawing thought (no, that is not Ferretline's paws clawing away at Brit Butt's twiddle-twaddle) that this show is horrible on purpose, i.e. no publicity is bad publicity. Without any talent or interesting story to tell, Camp Brit Butt decided to produce a particulary vile and heinous tv show and are just wallowing in the reaction to the show. "Bet ya'll din't tink eye culd be sucha dis'gustin sluddy ho. Ges agin, ya'll [mod edit]!" The negative reaction to the content of the show reinforces Spackle-faces's obssession for attention at the same time allows her to justifably (only in the wind tunnel that is her head) rant about the [mod edit] that talk smack about her. I read a quote from her earlier today that her "friends" think that the reality show is "cool". Either this is evidence that she is surrounded by nothing but brown-lipped pucker-faced idiots or that her friends are in on and enjoy the joke that the rest of us are missing, namely that this is a piece of crap and she knows it and is laughing all the way to the bank with 3 million dollars. Kind of like a skeezy, smelly, skanky derivation of Punk'd. Could it be that Ferretline and Specious have pulled one over on us?
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    I have heard "spin" and damage control before, but this crap from UPN takes the cake.

    June 1, 2005
    Last night the third episode of the show posted a 1.1 rating among viewers 18-49, according to Nielsen overnights. That’s a 26.6 percent drop from episode two’s 1.5 last week, and a 42.1 percent drop from the 1.9 rating the premiere earned two weeks ago.
    It's also down by almost a third from the May 17 premiere among total viewers, averaging just 2.47 million last night. At this rate, Britney may average fewer viewers than Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey do on MTV, and that's a little embarrassing considering the latter is on cable.
    Meanwhile, a repeat of Fox’s “House” and an original episode of CBS’s “48 Hours” tied as the highest-rated shows among 18-49s last night, each averaging a 3.2 rating. Fox finished the night first overall with a 2.9 average rating and an 8 share. CBS was second at 2.6/7, ABC third at 2.4/7, NBC fourth at 2.0/6, the WB fifth at 1.0/3 and UPN sixth at 0.9/3.
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    Unless my vast knowledge of worthless information about vapid celebrities is failing me, I believe K-Fed was NOT a dancer on her 2004 tour. He did, however, dance for her opening act (was it LFO??) on a tour in her early days.
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    It's unbelievable that this show is doing somewhat good in the ratings. I watched a little snipit of one of the episodes. If that's not garbage, I don't know what is. It's embarrasing watching a grown woman act like an annoying 13-year old girl (no offense to 13 year olds ). I know 13 year old girls a lot more mature than her.

    Poor little rich girl.

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    This show is proof that if you shoot it, people will watch... even if it's utter and complete crap.

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