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Thread: Sports Kids Moms and Dads--(bravo)

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    Sports Kids Moms and Dads--(bravo)

    have you seen the commercials for this?
    the one football dad says that "my biggest un-fullfilled desired is no playing for the NFL"....well if he didn't want to play for them, why didn't he just quit the NFL?

    proving once again that athletes sure as heck can't speak gooder english while taking basket weaving 1 in college.......

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    The commercials upset me. I already want to smack those parents. I'm not sure I can watch this.

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    I had enough of this sort of thing back when I worked at the Y as a swim instructor/lifeguard. Even for just plain swimming lessons the competitiveness of the parents was almost too much to bear. If they weren't yelling at their kid they were yelling at us. There was always one day of the session that we had to spend teaching basic water safety and rescue breathing, and most of that lesson was taught out on the deck. On those days we had to lock to doors to the pool to keep the parents out, they would always be furious that their kid wasn't in the water qualifying for the Olympics. I will be skipping this show.

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    Oooh, more parents living through their kids. How wonderful.
    Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need someone to lean on

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