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Thread: "Idol" Spoof Upsets Clark.

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    "Idol" Spoof Upsets Clark.

    Corey Clark Upset By Idol Skit.
    by fluff
    Fans of Reality TV --

    According to AP sources, Corey Clark is not happy with what he saw on Wednesday night’s American Idol 4 finale.
    Unlike many fans across the country, he is not bemoaning Bo Bice’s defeat at the hands of Carrie Underwood, instead he’s upset by a skit that poked fun at the allegations he made against Paula Abdul in an ABC special expose.

    Clark, a contestant during the second term of Idol, was disqualified from the competition for failing to divulge an ongoing legal matter concerning an alleged assault on his younger sister and resisting arrest.
    He claims that the more accurate story is that he was turfed for seeking independent legal advice concerning the infamously binding AI contract all participants are required to sign and urging fellow contestants to do likewise.
    He further claims to have sought independent counsel following judge Paula Abdul’s advice after she allegedly took an interest in helping him further his stay on the show.
    According to Clark, Abdul offered him song choice and wardrobe advice, even paying for clothing for him, during a spell in which their relationship became sexual.

    The skit, called “Bad Judgment”, presented by Steve Edwards of the now defunct “Good Day Live”, parodied heavily the ABC Primetime Expose in which Clarke unveiled the evidence of his personal and professional relationship with Abdul.
    During the skit, we saw Randy cut a single, advertise his new book and urge viewers to buy his C.D. before playing the roles of his own parents, all elements lifted directly from Clark’s interview with ABC. The skit culminated with the revelation that Simon was having a secret affair with himself.

    Corey Clark’s spokesman, Jed Wallace, slammed the show for not taking the allegations seriously and called the decision to air the skit “baffling” and a “slap in the face”.

    The Fox network has asked for Clark’s help investigating the allegations that Abdul has branded “lies”, but claim he has not responded to that request.

    In the meanwhile they seem to be taking the matter lightly, this skit following an appearance by Abdul on Saturday Night Live where she also made fun of the allegations.
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    Wow, Fluff...way to crank out those articles! Thanks for the great reads. And in regards to Corey Clark (who???), serves him right. I wish he would go away already.

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    Boo Hoo. They didn't do anything wrong (even if it was all true), AND the skit was hilarious!
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    Great article, Fluff.

    Corey Clark’s spokesman, Jed Wallace, slammed the show for not taking the allegations seriously and called the decision to air the skit “baffling” and a “slap in the face”.
    HELL-o Mr. Clark. I believe that was the intention.
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    Wah freaking wah. What a baby. Did he not expect people to make fun of him? He needs to grow up and go away already.
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    Oh, poor little baby Corey! First Paula breaks his innocent little heart and then he gets made fun of. I think Paula needs a time out! (Please note the sarcasm)
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    Rebecca F
    Personally, I loved the skit. I thought it showed FOX's loyalty and their stance in standing behind Paula. Obviously, SOMETHING interacted between the two of them, otherwise, how would she have his cell phone number to call him... but that's truly besides the point. I thought the skit was great. Anyone know where it might be online? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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    This dude is seriously delusional if he thinks that nobody is going to use him as a punchline. I don't even watch AI, but every single talk-show host has mocked this situation recently. A tip to those who may consider "seeking attention" in this fashion in the future: you'll get attention, but you'll have no control of whether it will be positive or negative attention.

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    Great write up, fluff! How funny it will be that after his expose, he will only be remembered as the wannabe who got bitch slapped at the AI finale.
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    Did anyone catch Jay Leno the other night talking about Corey Clarke the other night? The joke was something like "Corey Clarke is so angry about the spoof on American Idol that he said if any of the AI judges came into the McDonald's where he works, he won't serve them!" That opportunistic scumbag is getting exactly what he deserves.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you've been doing writing up these news stories, fluff! You're doing a fantastic job!
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