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Thread: CBS Premieres "Fire Me Please" , Make Money By Losing Your Job.

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    CBS Premieres "Fire Me Please" , Make Money By Losing Your Job.

    CBS Announces "Fire Me Please" Premiere.

    by fluff
    Fans of Reality TV

    With so many reality shows on our screens, networks are always looking for a new angle.
    CBS thinks they’ve found it in their new offering, “Fire Me Please”.

    Running for four, hour-long episodes, “Fire Me Please” follows the progress of two people who start new jobs with the intention of being fired on their very first day.
    To inject an element of competition, a cash prize awaits whoever gets fired closest to, but not beyond, the 3pm deadline.

    Dave Holmes, who is best known to viewers following stints hosting “TRL”, “Say What Karaoke” and “120 Minutes” on MTV, will host the show.
    Holmes currently has a recurring role on “Reno 911” and has guest starred on “Mad TV”.

    Premiering on Tuesday, June 7 at 9pm ET, in hidden camera format, “Fire Me Please” does at least offer a new angle on the reality show genre. Instead of getting paid to do a job, the winner stands to make $25,000 for being fired from it, as long as their timing is sweet.

    The contestants cannot simply ask to be fired, they must not tell anyone they work with that they are on a game show and must not break the law.
    With those rules in place, CBS promises some outrageous behaviour as the two employees fight for their pink slips under the watch of their bewildered colleagues.

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    Wasn't this the unofficial theme of the last Paris and Nicole venture?

    This should be a fun one to watch. I wonder how they secure the jobs for the contestants.
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    Ohhh now THIS one I'd sign up to do. I'd get shatcanned on.the.dot 3 pm deadline. No doubt.

    If the simple fact that it's a reality show isn't enough to make me watch..."Leslie Frost" is the host!!
    Anyone who knows anything about Reno 911 will remember who that is..

    Thanks for the info fluff!!
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