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Thread: ABC Premiere's "Brat Camp" on July 13.

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    ABC Premiere's "Brat Camp" on July 13.

    Tough Love For Troublesome Teens?

    by fluff
    Fans of Reality TV -

    Help is on the way for six families of unruly teens, thanks to ABC’s new reality series Brat Camp.
    With a formula copied from a popular British show, the makers of Brat Camp hope to offer respite for the families who face a daily struggle with their offspring.

    At the end of their collective tethers with their disrespectful and often obnoxious teens, six families take the unusual step of sending them to boot camp.

    Based in rugged Oregon, the parents have looked to Sagewalk Wilderness Camp to straighten up their troubled teens and return them to loving children they once knew.

    ABC has announced their new reality series, “Brat Camp”, which follows the ups and downs of the group of six will premiere on Wednesday July 13 at 8pm ET, with a special two-hour episode.

    The collaboration of producers behind Brat Camp includes the team responsible for bringing Big Brother to US screens, another popular reality show that originally hailed from the UK.

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    Sounds like a mix of Super Nanny and Jenny Jones' "Send my teen to bootcamp" episodes.

    I didn't know they had boot camps for unruly teens in the UK. I guess they're (unruly teens) can turn up anywhere.

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    They showed the UK one here in the states last season I think. It was pretty good although I wanted to *SMAK* a couple of the kids. I'll probably watch again.
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    Those mouthy little brats make me want to slap my television.

    As has been said previously throughout the fort - "In my day, if we ever......"

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