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Thread: Twiggy Replaces Dickinson on Judging Panel.

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    I can't wait to see more of Ms. Jay! I hope Mr. Jay will take a cycle off, or at least share the spotlight with someone who has different ideas.

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    Wow, I'm sad Janice was my favorite. Looks like Miss Banks' dream finally came true. She couldn't have someone like Janice outshining her after all.
    A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.
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    I for one will not be sad to see Janice go. She was starting to grow on me a bit, but her attempts to be sexy really grossed me out.
    I am happy that we will be seeing more of Miss J. I think that Miss J was the hook that got me interested in the show. Miss J's comments and facial expressions are always amusing.
    The person I would most like to see missing from future episodes is Tyra Banks. Not only is her egotism annoying, but I almost always disagree with her evaluations and opinions. I know that it won't happen: the show isn't so much about picking a future top model as it is a manifestation of a cult for the adoration of all things Tyra.

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    My hope, which will never happen is that Tyra replaced by Twiggy but Dickensin is still on, with Miss Jay and Nigel

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    Much as Janice got on my nerves with her insistence on being called THE World's First Supermodel!, I will miss her.

    However, I gotta admit I look forward to having Twiggy on the panel. New blood. Also, who knows? She just might wind up being somewhat in Nigel's mode, which is what I'm hoping for, as I really do enjoy him and his commentaries on the tests the girls are always put through. He says what he has to say without disemboweling anybody. I like that.

    And, finally, I am drooling to the point of needing to put on a bib at the prospect of having Ms. J on the panel. With her, what needs to be said will be said, but with humor, which'll be great.

    And to echo another poster above . . . I'm seriously wondering if Janice being gone has more to do with being booted out, as opposed to going on to do other things.

    Hmmmmmmm . . .
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    Though I'm glad to see Miss J on the panel, replacing Janice with Twiggy is like replacing a tiger with a house cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    Plus, are they trying to make us believe that The Surreal Life is a sign of Janice moving on to bigger and better things? As far as I know, they shoot that show over the course of two weeks tops. Nah, I think Tyra didn't want any competition.
    Competition? I think it was more Tyra didn't want the sexual harrassment! Did you see that kiss between them last cycle?

    I, for one, will greatly miss Janice. She is hilarious and was part of the reason I got on board with this show during Cycle 1.

    Miss J: source of some of the best lines ever in ANTM. "Girl, you look like you on crack!"

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    Sorry.. Janice.. facial expressions? Is that possible? Her face has been lifted so many times when she laughs she blinks.

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    I'll miss janice too...she had the best (though mean) lines!

    SUV? dang that was a funny moment...

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    Hmmm, I wonder if Twiggy being on the show means London as the Fashion capital they send the girls to?
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