by fluff
Fans of Reality TV -- "More time, more numbers".

Idol fans will get the opportunity to vote harder and vote longer for their favourite following the season four finale of American Idol 4 on Tuesday, May 24th.
The voting window has been doubled from the standard two hours to four, and each of the two finalists will have three dedicated phone numbers.
The original pool of over 100,000 auditionees had been whittled down to just 24 by the time the American public was invited to vote to keep their favourite in the competition.

As usual, the voting produced some shocks along the way, but in finalists rocker Bo Bice and Country girl Carrie Underwood, the public will be choosing between the two contestants that consistently received the most praise from the judges, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. A headline grabber herself this season following her involvement in a highway hit and run and allegations of a sexual affair by disqualified contestants Corey Clarke, Abdul might find herself in hot water if FOX investigates Clarke’s other claim that Abdul helped him with song and costume selections during season 2 as they have promised to do.

The minor storm over these allegations appears to have all but passed and all eyes are on Bice and Underwood with fingers poised to dial in votes as soon as the lines open immediately following the show which airs at 8pm eastern time.

The winner will be revealed on the two-hour final show on Wednesday, May 25th, which will also see the reunion of the season four top 10, who will be touring across the US during the summer.
Although their attendance has yet to be confirmed, if Idol producers stick to the format of previous finale’s, fans are likely to be treated to performances by previous Idol title-holders on Wednesday night’s culmination to the season.