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Thread: Deadliest Catch

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    This is real Reality TV. I just boggles the mind what they have to endure to catch those crustacheons.
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    I just started watching this a few weeks ago. I think it's fascinating -- something that I knew nothing about.
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    For all you Sig and Edgar fans, the Northwestern has its own website (I just discovered it today)

    It's at: http://crab-northwestern.com/

    I can't wait to get a t-shirt!

    AKat *who drools over Sig*
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    this show is absolutely terrifying!

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    my husband, who up until now disliked reality shows, really enjoys this one.

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    Sorry for the complete lack of notice, but I stumbled across a new season that started tonight (4/3/07). Luckily it's Discovery Channel, so repeats are pretty easy to come by.

    Discovery Channel's Emmy-nominated series Deadliest Catch returns Tuesday, April 3, for a third season of daring adventures on the high seas. Viewers once again voyage to the Bering Sea and follow the brave captains and crew of eight crab-fishing vessels as they struggle against the treacherous weather conditions doing one of the deadliest — and most lucrative — jobs in the world.

    This season, which is currently being filmed as boats head out to catch opilio crab, viewers experience life above and below the Alaskan waters. Submersible cameras capture unprecedented underwater images of crabs migrating on the bottom of the Bering Sea and entering the crab pots.

    In addition, footage shot from a "chase boat" shows just how diminutive these crab boats actually are in the midst of the Bering Sea. For the first time, viewers see the fishing vessels being tossed around by the high winds and rough seas. The unique angle will also offer a new perspective of the fishermen working the rails, setting and hauling the massive 800-pound crab pots as their boats fight the crashing waves.

    This season, viewers will get a more in-depth look at the men who put their lives on the line in search of modern-day buried treasure — Alaskan crab.

    Returning to Deadliest Catch this year are the men of the Northwestern, led by Captain Sig Hansen; Captain Phil Harris and his crew of the Cornelia Marie, including sons Jake and greenhorn Josh; Captain Johnathan Hillstrand (king crab season) and Captain Andy Hillstrand (opilio crab season) of the Time Bandit; and greenhorn Captain Blake Painter (king crab season) of the Maverick and his new hand-picked crew, along with Rick Quashnick (opilio crab season) with his wife Donna.

    New to Deadliest Catch this season are the men of the Wizard, led by Captain Keith Colburn; Captain Greg Moncrief of the Farwest Leader, who is joined on board by his wife Ragnhild; Captain Allen Oakley of the Early Dawn and his crew, including greenhorn Bryan Mezich; and the crew of the Aleutian Ballad, with Captain Corky Tilley at the helm and son Matthew and daughter Nicole on deck.
    Discovery Channel :: Deadliest Catch: About the Show

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    This is a very good documentary. Fascinating, the real stuff.

    I wish more people were watching it.

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    Got wings 9/19/2012 buglover's Avatar
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    Which crew is missing? The guy from the first season who was the youngest captain? I don't know their names well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buglover;2312396;
    Which crew is missing? The guy from the first season who was the youngest captain? I don't know their names well.
    I have been trying to remember thier names. He got in trouble last season for having too much crab on board.

    I am so glad thi sshow is back! I have been eating a lot of crab lately and always wonder which boat it might have come from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay;2312710;
    I have been trying to remember thier names. He got in trouble last season for having too much crab on board.
    I think that was the Rollo that had to much crab....I can't beileve its only the first episode of the season and a ship has gone down... So far they were able to rescue just one guy out of the water, but they need to find 3 more...I hope they do...

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