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Thread: A Harsh Tax Makeover -- EMHE

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    Nothing is really exaggerated expect maybe the homes they sometimes build because that article that was written with comments directly from producers of the show iteself.

    I love this show so I dont want to be too negative but the reality is they go overboard for the ratings just like any other show on tv...granted once they pick the family they want to do nice things for them but it is mostly for the ratings...all of the shows are different. Town Haul is different than Extreme Makeover HE just like the other person said because they are tearing down a whole house. You have to have it all re-evaluated and pay taxes on the new home. Some of the homes they build are worth well over half a million dollars. The taxes for my home thats only worth $250,000 is kind of outragous...I just pray that these families can stay in their homes and are not getting themselves in too deep just for the excitement at the time.

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    Rebecca F
    I don't know. You guys bring up valid points, but at the same time, I think the show takes into consideration the family's financial situations. I mean, some of the episodes have paid off the mortgage - or paid for college tuitions. Those are certainly gestures that show that consideration was given to certain financial situations. Especially since alot of their candidates are in their situations because of their financial constraints.

    Maybe it was an oversight in the first season, I could see that; but at the same time I think that maybe the families were so overjoyed with being selected that it never dawned on them (as it might not me! who's thinking rationally when you're going to have a brand new house?!?!) that their property would be reassessed.

    Truly, most people who incurred the additional fees would most likely have enough equity built into their house as a result of the rebuild, they could refinance into a lower mortgage (of course, this is a blind assumption - you never know a person's credit!)

    It just seemed such a cynical article about a show that does so much for so many needing people. The tax increase seems like such a small tradeoff.

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    While I love the energy and the tears of this show, everytime I watch I think, bills, bills, bills. On at least two of the projects, they incorporated passive energy systems to help hold down utility costs, but any way you weigh it, taxes and upkeep costs will be much higher than these families have previously paid. I truly hope the IRS keeps the lid on the can of worms loophole used by the producers, because...ouch!

    Wonder how Habitat for Humanity is able to keep the destitute in their new homes?

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    I wouldnt call it small...the article is not synical either its reality. As I said before people who apply should know all of the details. When I applied and filled out the 13 page application it didnt tell me that anywhere. So the ad is not to make them look bad especially since thier producers were interviewed. They do sometimes help them out money wise but thats a gamble to take to know if you will definatley be helped with the bills. Also nobody is saying the show is bad for that in the first place. We all agreed we love the show obviously since we are in a web site talking about it and I myself never said the show does anything wrong. They do wonderful things for the families and its not their fault the families have to pay high taxes when they are done because the families are not tricked into anything. The article says they tell them before they go any further to make sure they are up for it....

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