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Thread: Bstv (vh1)

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    Bstv (vh1)

    About the show:

    "Could you survive on a desert island with 30 strippers you weren't allowed to touch on Lapdance Island?" No problem. "Would you gain 100 pounds to become an international superstar in 'Super Duper Size Me?'" Sounds great. "Are you willing to be thrown from a cliff in a barrel filled with ravenous piranhas to win big on 'Death Factor?'" Where do I sign up?

    People will do just about anything to get famous on TV. No outrageous challenge, life-threatening feat or compromising embarrassment seems too extreme for civilians and celebrities in exchange for a shot at stardom.

    Welcome to VH1's new social experiment BSTV the show that delights in pushing people's limits to find out just how much crap they'll take for TV fame. We'll give them what they perceive to be the opportunity of a lifetime - and watch as they run with it.

    Each BSTV episode invites real people and celebrities to participate in what they believe to be casting calls and pilot tapings for the latest, hottest new reality shows coming to the tube. What they don't know is -- every audition is 100% fake. Each concept is pulled off by our cast of professionally trained improv actors posing as the show's producers and talent.

    Since the participants don't know the shows aren't real, their reactions are 100% genuine. No matter how much B.S. is doled out by our cast of accomplices, eager reality show wannabes and celebrities always seem to be ready to believe any bogus concept for their chance at fame.

    Whether you love reality TV shows, (or recognize they represent the end of civilization), BSTV proves that our world is ready to do whatever it takes for the limelight. People are obsessed with achieving fame - no matter the cost.

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    Episode 1

    On this episode, meet fame-hungry men who are willing to gain hundreds of extra pounds just for TV stardom. From eating pizza strapped to their own faces (the "Pizza Face" competition) to stuffing candy bars sideways in their mouths ("Sideways Sunday," of course), for these hopefuls, happier meals have never been had!

    Next, it's the classic BSTV BS advice show, Lover's Lounge, with special guest former MTV VJ Rikki Rachtman. Not knowing that the show is a Headbanger's Ball worth of BS, Rikki loses his cool, when the show's host, a faux psychologist, pushes his sanity to the brink. How far will Rikki let the doctor go before he imparts some wisdom of his own?

    Katrina Campins, one of The Donald's many Apprentice victims, has agreed to appear on Have your Cake and Greet It!, a pie load of crap that will have her popping out of a giant Birthday cake and surprising a huge (fake!) fan. But when a fire alarm goes off mid-pop, how will this former reality star takes the heat?

    And, as always, peek into the secret world of BSTV's Celebrity Pitch Meetings. The celebs think they're being offered the chance to host new hit shows, but it's all just a pile of BS! On this episode, Apprentice Heidi Bressler gets fired up for Heidi Heidi Ho and The Price is Right's Gabrielle Tuite throws a malpractice suit to the wind by agreeing to star in The Great American Hospital Hoax.
    Episode 2
    On this episode, meet a bunch of ladies auditioning for the chance to marry a 99-year old billionaire on live TV. If the woman crowned "billionaire bride" can keep the old man alive for a full year, she'll supposedly stand to inherit his family fortune. But, as the hopefuls will quickly learn, a year is a long time to wait when the geriatric tycoon groom has a penchant for licking!

    Next, former Chicago Bull and America's favorite two-footed freak show, Dennis Rodman, takes the hot seat on the totally counterfeit Celebrity Advice Bureau. But "The Worm" has no idea the people seeking his advice are completely fake. You'll never believe the very high price tag he'll suggest be slapped on one man's ass!

    Former rocker Leif Garret stars on You're Not My Mailman!, a BS show in which Leif is asked to make a very special delivery to an adoring (and totally fake!) fan. But when Leif finds himself dogged by a crew of BSTV actors, will he have the stage presence to stay cool?

    Then, on the totally bogus street talent show Dare Devils, failed Apprentice Nick Warnock gets pissed when he finds himself hosed by a totally BS stunt.

    And, as always, peek into the secret world of BSTV's Celebrity Pitch Meetings. The celebs think they're being offered the chance to host new hit TV shows, but it's all just a pile of BS! On this episode, Bachelor Aaron Buerge purrs for Evil Cat-Nieval, Bachelorette runner-up Charlie Maher gets tempted by Arabian Nights and The Apprentice's Heidi Bressler considers changing her religion for a year on Heidi Go Sikh.

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    Has anybody been watching this? It is hilarious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Has anybody been watching this? It is hilarious!

    I tried it - but I didn't know the premise beforehand and didn't exactly get it. I made it about ten minutes.

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    Basically it is showing how desperate people can be for fame.

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    I gave it a try, and I do think it is funny. "Charlie Mahers War on Terror"

    I prefer the segments with people that have already been on Reality TV and should have learned their lesson. I feel a bit bad for the kids that are desperate to be on TV.

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    This show is so funny. The best was "Absolutely Graceful. Absolutely DISgraceful". Best review ever.

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