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Thread: NBC's reality summer

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    NBC's reality summer

    I just took a look at nbc.com and saw they have a bunch of reality shows lined up for the summer:

    June 2 - Hit Me Baby One More Time
    June 21 - I Want to Be a Hilton
    June 28 - Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back
    July 27 - The Law Firm
    Aug. 9 - Tommy Lee Goes to College
    Aug. 9 - Biggest Loser 2

    The Average Joe one excites me the most. But I'll probably watch them all.

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    The Law Firm? Oh, sign me up for that one.

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    The Joes Strike Back? HOW? By picking the less attractive girl who has some substance? Seriously. That show is so done. No matter what they do (and maybe I'll be eating my words after the show airs, who knows), the contestant in question will pick the person who is more attractive and less substantive and we will all groan and throw things at our TV and call said person shallow! Will I watch..... probably

    I'll also be watching:
    • Tommy Lee Goes to College - cause, dude, it's cool
    • Biggest Loser 2 - I'll need motivation to keep working out and, while she is scary, Mistress Jillian is also inspirational. Plus, I Bob ..... well, more to the point, I Bob's abs

    Does anyone know what Hit Me Baby One More Time is about? Boxing? Britney Spears? Boxing with Britney Spears?
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    Hopefully they'll at least be somewhat entertaining. I'd love to see a show where I just want to hit the tv at least once!!

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    Very cool. Thanks QuuuEeee. I enjoyed the first season of the Biggest Loser, so I'm most excited about the second installment.

    Just looked up the scoop on these shows...


    Hit Me Baby One More Time
    Series Premiere Thursday, June 2

    You loved them "then", but will you love them now? Hitmakers from the past take the stage in a new competition in which you're the judge! Former Top Ten artists return to perform their trademark hit song along with one of today's current hits. The audience decides which "veteran hit maker" deserves a second chance in the limelight!

    I Want To Be A Hilton
    2-Hour Series Premiere Tuesday, June 21

    Everyone's heard of the Hiltons, especially socialites Paris and Nicky, but what would it take to actually live like them? Kathy Hilton (mom to Paris and Nicky) hosts this engaging and humorous series that follows 14 eccentric young contestants as they vie for the opportunity to live the glamorous lifestyle of high society. Kathy Hilton guides the contestants through a variety of weekly challenges set in glamorous Manhattan and ranging from art and culture to beauty and fashion. Each week Kathy eliminates those who "didn't make the list." The finalist will win an extravagant prize package including a $200,000 trust fund!

    Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back
    2-Hour Series Premiere Tuesday, June 28

    One beautiful girl named Anna is looking for love. Can she find it with an "average Joe"? This time, the Joes have a few tricks up their sleeves š including advice and guidance from some familiar faces from past seasons! Plus, each week one lucky Joe gets a total makeover and surprises Anna with his new look. With plenty of romance, a trip to Tahiti and new twists at every turn, this new season promises lots of summer fun. Hunks beware, the Joes are fighting back!

    Tommy Lee Goes To College
    Series Premiere Tuesday, August 9

    Rock star Tommy Lee from "Mötley Crüe" at last finds time for college after living the fast life for two decades. Tommy's former loves include Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, but will he rock the college coeds? Lee enrolls at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln and struggles just like any other (famous rock star) student to balance academics with extra-curricular pursuits, his new roommate Matt and a distractingly attractive tutor named Natalie.

    The Law Firm
    2-Hour Series Premiere Wednesday, July 27

    Real lawyers. Real cases. Real consequences. Executive producer David E. Kelley (The Practice, Ally McBeal) brings a real legal drama to television. Trial attorney and legal analyst Roy Black will manage 12 actual lawyers competing against each other while trying real court cases with judges and juries, resulting in outcomes that will be final, legal and binding. Each week, one legal eagle is eliminated and the top attorney will receive a prize of $250,000. With plenty of drama inside and outside of the courtroom, the result is riveting entertainment.

    The Biggest Loser, Season 2
    Series Premiere Tuesday, August 9

    The weight is over! The biggest thing in reality television returns for a whole new season. Trainers Bob and Jillian return, along with host Caroline Rhea, to help a whole new group of motivated people lose weight, change their lives and inspire millions. With a new house, a new gym and plenty of new challenges, The Biggest Loser Season Two is sure to capture your attention. Plus, a new expanded website with extensive diet and fitness tips and interactive features will let you join in the action and lose weight along with the new Loser teams!
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    So many good shows, I can't wait. I will probably give them all a shot but am most excited for The Biggest Loser, The Law Firm, Average Joe, and I Want To Be A Hilton.

    Thanks Q & Jewels for all the info

    ETA: I guess FLOM is over.

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    I can't wait for The Biggest Loser 2!

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    Monday, May 16, 2005

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Seeking to climb out of the ratings cellar, NBC will have Martha Stewart picking a protege and singer Amy Grant making wishes come true when the new season begins this fall.

    NBC said Monday that it will introduce six new series in September, including only one comedy: "My Name is Earl," featuring Jason Lee ("Chasing Amy") as a downtrodden lottery winner.

    NBC is canceling the fourth installment of the "Law & Order" series, "Trial By Jury," which lost star Jerry Orbach shortly after production began. The Mark Burnett/Sylvester Stallone boxing series "The Contender," "American Dreams" and "Third Watch" are also not returning.

    Illustrating how television schedules are constantly in flux, NBC promised two other new comedies would come on the air sometime next season. Two shows not on the September schedule, "Scrubs" and "Fear Factor," will also return at some point, NBC said.

    NBC is moving the political drama "The West Wing" to Sunday nights, with the campaign to replace Martin Sheen as the mythical president continuing.

    All the broadcast networks release their fall schedules this week, and NBC was first in line. The network is finishing up a miserable season, slipping to fourth among the 18-to-49-year-old viewers its advertisers want. NBC failed to replace the departed "Friends" and "Frasier" with any new hits.

    Despite losing ground to CBS on what was once its most popular night, NBC said it is returning its Thursday schedule intact: including the troubled "Friends" spinoff "Joey."

    Stewart's starring role in "The Apprentice" will give NBC two versions of the boardroom game running this fall. The home improvement queen's show will air Wednesday night, with Donald Trump keeping his Thursday time slot.

    Gospel singer Grant stars in "Three Wishes," a reality show where she travels across the country trying to transform lives by paying medical bills, making dreams come true and the like. It's a nod to the popularity of makeover shows like ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

    NBC will air three new dramas: "E-Ring," a Jerry Bruckheimer production with Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt, about life in the Pentagon; "Fathom," about a creepy new form of sea life; and "Inconceivable," a medical show set in a fertility clinic.

    Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
    I'm disappointed that they're cancelling The Contender and my favorite Law & Order series "Trial By Jury."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy
    Hit Me Baby One More Time
    Series Premiere Thursday, June 2

    You loved them "then", but will you love them now? Hitmakers from the past take the stage in a new competition in which you're the judge! Former Top Ten artists return to perform their trademark hit song along with one of today's current hits. The audience decides which "veteran hit maker" deserves a second chance in the limelight!
    Thanks for the link Ju-Ju! (I'm not good with the technical stuff.)

    Some of the "Former Top 10 artists":
    Air Supply
    Billy Ray Cyrus
    The Knack
    Tommy Tutone
    A Flock of Seagulls
    Sophie B. Hawkins

    I guess Bobby Sherman was too busy.

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    Two to Average Joe and Biggest Loser. On the flip side however, they're going to run the Apprentice gigs into the ground.
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