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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of April 18-24

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    Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of April 18-24

    Each week, our writers come up with some of the best, worst and always memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy!

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    Clear Disaster.
    How does this sound? You’re at the office and every time you want to access your “in” and “out” trays you have to first clear, then lift your entire desktop.
    The executives from Staples, who were judging the latest challenge on The Apprentice were unimpressed by Bren and Alex’s creation of a desk with room for everything, except possibly your legs, making it very difficult to pull close enough to actually work on.
    Would you be more impressed if the top were made of clear plastic?
    Neither were the executives, Carolyn and George or Trump, despite Alex urging them to appreciate the benefits of being able to see your work in the trays, even if you can’t actually get at it.
    Alex made one poor choice after another during the challenge, but Bren killed his own chances in the boardroom by admitting a reluctance to take risks.
    His firing left us with a very symmetrical final four of one male and one female candidate from each of the original Book Smart and Street Smart groups.
    Couldn’t have worked out more neatly if it were pre-planned…

    Ode To Joyce.
    With husband Uchenna already sporting a shaved head, the success or failure of the team rested entirely with wife Joyce’s decision to shave her head and claim the Fast Forward on The Amazing Race, or bail on the challenge and risk elimination.
    Continually reassured by Uchenna that she looked beautiful, Joyce calmly sat while her head was shaved clean, and the Fast Forward was theirs.
    They went on to arrive first at the pit stop, but inexplicably were not gifted a first place prize.
    Joyce won the admiration of the fans for her determination.
    Even if they don’t go on to win the race she at least has a great new look.

    Foreshadow Boxing..
    Even some of his West Coast teammates thought it would be a tall order for Joey Gilbert to rack up a victory against Jimmy Lange on The Contender. Jimmy was a better fighter, Joey was scared, and to top it all off, in a sport where lower body strength and agility is vital, Joey was carrying a hamstring injury. Foreshadowing was bobbing and weaving his way through the show.
    Spurred on by the presence of his father, just returned from Afghanistan, Joey spent the first two rounds of the fight smacking Jimmy around the ring.
    Just seconds into the third round, Joey winced as pain tore through his injured hamstring, and instead of throwing punches he was reduced to trying to dodge them on one good leg.
    More of the same followed in round four, but remarkably in round five he rallied and managed to bring Jimmy to his knees.
    The judges awarded Joey the fight in a unanimous decision as he proved that a big enough heart can compensate for a dodgy leg.

    Jeff Has Spoken
    Everyone loves a tough competitor. Well, everyone except those facing the tough competitor. Survivor's Koror tribe was all set to boot Stephenie, the last member of Ulong, and end her storyline, as Gregg called it. Unlike the rest of the women in the tribe, Stephenie was an immunity threat, a smart player and had managed to outlast her entire previous tribe. Oh, and had a good chance of kicking their respective behinds if she made it to the Final 2. Before Tribal Council, the decision had been made to get rid of Stephenie and she knew it. In an unprecedented move, when Jeff realized that Janu wanted to leave, he pressed the tribe to give him an answer as to why they'd be willing to vote out someone that wanted to be there and keep someone that didn't. When that didn't work, he laid the guilt on thick. When that didn't work he pressed Janu until she cracked and decided to lay down her torch. Maybe Julie, Jeff's Survivor girlfriend, should be concerned...

    A Grave Situation
    The 'Girl That Got Bad News' on America's Next Top Model this week, was Kahlen, learning about her high school friend's sudden death. Always rather insecure, Kahlen did her best to keep it together and decided to share the news with a few of the girls rather than making a big scene about it. Gathered in a cemetary for the photoshoot, the girls learned that they'd be shooting the next photo in a grave while lying in a coffin. Kahlen did well to hide her disgust, but couldn't contain it when the photographer noted that the girls all looked too alive. Confused, Jay approached one of the girls to find out what was going on with Kahlen, and when he learned, he looked as horrified and as embarrased as anyone could. Rather than beg off on the shoot, Kahlen handled herself like a pro and was given the chance to work out her emotions as she was assigned the Deadly Sin of Anger. Turning a negative into a positive, Kahlen took her best photo to date impressed Tyra with her newfound strength.

    Quitting is for Misanthropes
    Thursday’s Survivor introduced a twist in the Immunity Challenge designed to discourage quitters. The Survivors were placed under a grill in the water with only their faces poking through the bars for air. As the tide rose, the Survivors had to face their fear of drowning in order to be the last nose standing. The first one to bow out of the competition would be banished to an unpopulated beach with a few tools for making fire and left to fend for themselves for the night. The Survivors swam under the grill, and began the long wait for the tide to rise. Jeff Probst pointed out that Janu was shivering and looking miserable; Janu agreed, and popped off the bar, even though the competition was barely started. Her fellow Survivors openly laughed at Janu’s failure - they were no doubt picturing Janu in her usual pose of lying around in a hammock, looking half-dead. Sure enough, when Janu was abandoned on the beach, she was unable to sit down and get a fire going. But she kept at it, and hours later, in the pitch dark, she finally produced some sparks. Soon she had a blazing bonfire! She danced around it ecstatically, glorying in her victory and glad to be by herself, away from her tribemates. By listening to Probst and quitting, she found her inner Janu and realized she hated the people she was stuck with most of the time. No wonder she listened to Probst at Tribal Council, too, and went the quitter’s route.

    Opposites Subtract.
    Thanks to her fencing prowess, Anitra was finally able to win a one on one date with Charlie on The Bachelor.
    With no rose on the line, host Chris instructed them to just have a good time. Sounds so simple really.
    Unfortunately those instructions proved difficult to follow as Anitra and Charlie found themselves to be polar opposites. Anitra loves food, Charlie can go all day without eating. Anitra has a sweet tooth, Charlie doesn't. They do not share a passion for emailing and Charlie is usually hot, whereas Anitra is almost always cold.
    When Charlie handed out the roses at the ceremony later the next day Anitra, not surprisingly, didn't find one coming her way.
    She did perform a very valuable service to fans of the show though.
    It was confirmed to us all that, as we suspected, a date with Charlie can be truly painful and we didn't even have to get hoochified or leave our houses to find out.

    Grey Power.
    They've been stripped of their cash and packs after finishing last in non-elimination leg, half the team sustained facial injuries after a tumble in a cave and they'd be hard pushed to move at a pace faster than "brisk walk" if their very lives depended on it, but somehow Gretchen and Meredith are still in The Amazing Race.
    Even losing ground after Gretchen chose to ride on the 600lb wooden elephant her husband was pushing instead of helping him push it, wasn't enough to cause their elimination.
    Boyfriends and professional "Romber" haters Alex and Lynn became the latest team to eat geriatric dust.
    At the pit stop, Phil informed them they are the oldest team ever to make it to this stage of competition.
    Definitely something to shout about, or screech about in Gretchen's case.

    He's No Dumb-Bo.
    Ryan got tricky again on the American Idol results show this week.
    He called six of the final seven contestants to the stage, splitting them into two groups, one being the top three vote getters, the other the bottom three.
    Having been told he was safe, Bo was then asked to get up from the bleachers and join the group that he thought had made it into the top six along with him.
    When faced with the same choice last season, George had opted to join the most likely group, only to be told in a shocker that the other group were actually the more popular that week.
    Bo refused to play along with Ryan's shenanigans, choosing instead to place himself squarely between the two groups, stumping Ryan who claimed to have known he was going to do that all along.
    Of course you did Ryan.
    If he can convince anyone of that, instead of "services to radio" he should have been awarded his Walk of Fame star for acting.

    Thanks to this week's contributors; fluff, Hepcat & Miss Filangi
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    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    It's a tough choice this week. I really like how Uchenna supported Joyce during her head shaving. It's nice to see a couple on the Amazing Race that get along and seem to be nice people.
    But despite the sad circumstances I wuld have to say that I really admire Kahlen for holding it together as well as she did and even managing to do a great job with her pictures.

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    It was a banner week for reality tv, indeed:

    Stephanie rocked and Janu was as useless as one....

    Long-haired Bo thought quick on his feet, made a choice to stand his ground, while Joyce sat on the ground, made a choice, and lost her long hair.....

    Alex designed a desk you couldn't get into if you needed to, and Gretchen got into an elephant she didn't need to...

    Mismatched contenders in the boxing ring led to the underdog winning while and underdog won a fencing match leading to a mismatched date...

    and (my personal choice for Top Reality Moment).... ANTM producers committed the 8th Deadly Sin of Bad Timing, invoking genuine wrath from Kahlen, and making her my avatar of the month.
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