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Thread: Meet The Barkers

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    Here's a rundown of what she's done since Pacific Blue, from IMDB.com:
    "Pacific Blue" (TV)- 1998-2000
    "Love Stinks" (movie) - 1999
    "Critical Mass" (movie) - 2000
    "Seeing Other People" - 2004

    Several guest appearances on television shows, and Playmate of the Month, December 2001. That led to a couple Playboy things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymes4u
    humm....i thought the day they switched duties she was 3 hours late, and when she ask the model how long she had been waiting, she said since 7am....didnt her assistent keep calling her and she wouldnt get out of bed.
    That very well could be, I don't usually pay as much attention to what she's doing as I do to Travis . I just remember she did much better than I expected her to.
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    I am hooked on this show. I think it is one of the first reality shows that shows some true reality. They are very cute together and funny. I love the way he loves his family. I watch it faithfully.

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    I totally remember having the biggest crush on Travis when I was in high school .. it was those green eyes of his .. lol

    I think that shanna is really a very cool person .. I love the way travis and her interact .. I don't think that she not swear just because she's getting taped .. I think she should be herself .. and that's why I think this show is so great.. cause you get the feeling that they're both very genuine.

    I think he's a great father .. I love this show.

    Hurray for good tv!

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    It was reported in US that Shanna is pregnant with her and Travis' second child.

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    Meet the Barkers

    Has anyone noticed the tattoo on the inside of Shanna's left wrist? I can never make out what it says. Also has anyone heard whether there will be a second season?

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    I also love Meet the Barkers. Travis is awesome and Shanna is hot!! I hope they make the series on DVD!!

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    I love this show too! Their relationship is sweet and Travis is such a good father. Shanna is hilarious and such a cool person. I was really surprised when I first watched the show though. I didn't know Travis was such a sweet and caring guy, and such a romantic nut. I definitely became their fan after watching this show.

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    Last week's episode when they said Shanna was pregnant... I can't wait to see Travis' reaction!

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    Too bad last week was the season finale.

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