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Thread: Surreal Life Reruns

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    Surreal Life Reruns

    tonight there will be 90 minutes worth of The Surreal Life for your viewing "pleasure." (i use that term VERY loosely!)

    anyway, at 7pm central, they will be repeating the camping trip, at 7:30pm central, rerun of the talent show and at 8pm is the new episode where the group hits Vegas. apparently, from all the hype, corey actually cries in this episode. granted, we've been shown that preview after every single show, so who knows!

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    Thanks for the heads up, Sher. I thought the entire 90 minutes would be the new episode.

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    ok, they all want to go see an "adult" show and cory can't go cause his girlfriend isn't with him and he can't get a roam zone for his cell phone to call her while enjoying the show and he breaks down in tears. THATS GOT TO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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    The beauty of reruns is twofold:

    A) those who haven't seen the show yet can now join in on the hooplah.

    B) those of us who have seen it but don't recall certain scenes as detailed in recaps can finally see what we missed (I've done that..."ohhhh, I see what she was talking about...")

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