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Thread: Rob and Amber's Wedding

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    OK, Sweetpea, let's bring TWO bottles, since we posted at the same time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    NOT watching.

    Had enough of them on TV.

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    I will watch the wedding as long as I'm not obligated to watch the divorce. I'm still not over Brad and Jennifer and they really are celebs. I hope they last forever and stop milking the fame cow.

    Good luck and good wishes to them both.

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    FORT Regular kit_kat91's Avatar
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    I know ill be watching it.I cant wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyBeaches
    OK, Sweetpea, let's bring TWO bottles, since we posted at the same time!
    Wahoo! Sounds good to me! I'll be the one in pink pjs and fuzzy slippers...do you think I'll be overdressed??

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    I can't think of anything more excrutiating than watching that jackhole preening, red faced and crying about how he and Ambuh are the bestest couple ever. It would be like watching Ann Coulter cuddle a baby. I'd rather be strapped to a chair and have my eyelids propped open with tooth picks and forced to watch a Jerry Springer marathon than watch this wedding.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    I am guessing they didn't ask for this to be paid for. No doubt many folks came to them.
    Well, Rob said "If the price is right." Make of that what you will.

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    I'd watch if the people at Fort have a live show spoiler thread.....the snarking can being now......I hope the wedding dress is very off white and the tuxedos anything but turquoise......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Egad. No offense meant to those who are eager for this, but I find the idea of watching the wedding of mock celebrities, who were paid for the privilege, somewhat disturbing. I don't even dislike Rob & Amber all that much, it's just the "made-for-TV" aspect that turns my stomach.

    I suppose I share the thoughts of the earlier folks who were "cool, if they can milk it, let them". I mean, I'm a fan of P.T. Barnum too. But I personally won't be anywhere near.

    I agree with Krom.. made for TV in a wedding takes so much from the event it self. To me they are ment to be private special moments between 2 ppl and their friends/family not half the world.

    And as far as the Barnum.. I had to think about what you meant.. first thing that came to mind was his thought that theres a sucker born every min.

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    I'll be joining the party if you all don't mind. I'll be watching because I believe in their love, it's not like the bachelor, this was the unexpected fine for these two. They never went there to fine love but it happen in a must unexpected place. They were dirty for 39 days, so they got to see the best and worst of each other. They also bought their home in Florida, to a naive me they are not looking for much fame, they will take whatever come their way but in the end I think they just want to be together. The way that Rob treat Amber is with the utmost respect, as his equal and his whole world. I'm rooting for them and do hope and wish the best for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyBeaches
    OK, Sweetpea, let's bring TWO bottles, since we posted at the same time!
    How sweet of you two to help with drinks. Do you think maybe you could bring something in a keg? Unk offered to furnish drinks but our numbers are growing so that it might be a hardship on him.
    bugsme3, we'll save you a seat, okay?
    Now everyone remember, don't try to out dress the others. Pj's it is. And you wet blankets, we'll just put you down as "maybes". I'm counting on you relenting at the last minute. Even if you don't want to see the nuptials you KNOW you want to be with us.

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