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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments For The Week of April 11 - 17

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    Top Reality TV Moments For The Week of April 11 - 17

    Each week, our writers come up with some of the best, worst and always memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy!

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    While the Chief Ho is Away
    This week on The Bachelor Kim first displayed a "custom made" outfit suitable for your average low class strip joint to wear for her inaugural one on one date with Charlie. After Kim revealed that the date would involve a trip to an art gallery, Jenny and Anitra took her aside and suggested that she might want to consider another outfit. While Kim and Charlie were inspecting his childhood art displayed on the walls of a gallery and bouncing on his bed, the women remaining back at the house opened up Kim's luggage and dressed up in her clothes. As Sarah B. explained, they were throwing Hoochfest 2005. It was indeed strange to see just how many trashy outfits Kim packed and even funnier to see all the other "ladies" wearing them. Somehow I think Kim probably thought they all looked fantastic when she finally saw the footage.

    TyTy Rage!
    Tyra Banks knows how to break new ground. Instead of placidly churning out a workout tape like every other supermodel pushing thirty has done, she took her idea for a model reality show to a barely-there network and turned it into a ratings bonanza. The rumors have been flying fast and furious that Tyra is ready to host her own talk show for troubled teen girls. So it was a bit of a shock to see Tyra screaming in a full-on rage at a contestant on this week’s America’s Next Top Model. Tiffany, the spitfire who was given a second chance to compete after completing anger management courses, appeared alternately laid back and irritated with the week’s challenges. Truly, can you blame the girl for questioning why aspiring fashion models would have to learn Cockney accents or read a teleprompter cold? Tiffany didn’t try hard to hide her annoyance. In fact, she left the judges muttering darkly under her breath about the never-ending humiliation of being on the show. Tyra raised an eyebrow, but kept her cool. After Tyra had delivered the shocking news that the bottom two contestants were eliminated, she watched as Rebecca cried and hugged her friends goodbye, whereas Tiffany joked and shrugged off the rejection. Tyra called the two girls back to commend Rebecca for crying because it showed she wanted to be a top model. But she found Tiffany’s attitude disappointing, and told the just-eliminated girl that the judges had been rooting for her to win. Tiffany began to defend herself, but whatever she said was lost under Tyra screeching furiously to the rafters for Tiffany to BE QUIET! She accused Tiffany of giving up and not taking responsibility for her own failure, and her rant was so full of emotion that you couldn’t help but feel she had seen a little bit of young Tyra in the pretty but nasty-mouthed Tiffany. Oh, there were more words exchanged, but what really sticks in the mind is the sight of Tyra, eyes ablaze, screaming in a magnificent, thunderous rage.

    Faux Finishing.
    Everything was seemingly as it should be at the end of the latest leg of The Amazing Race.
    The teams had completed a long haul flight between Continents, done their detour and their roadblock, so all that was left was to meet Phil and find out where they were in the standings. Good job too, as each team took time to mention how tired they were and how eagerly they awaited their mandatory 12 hour stopover.
    Despite noticing that what they thought would be their final clue of the day made no mention of "pitstop" or possible impending elimination, Amber and Rob happily went to meet Phil as instructed.
    He welcomed them to Lucknow, they thanked him, he produced their next clue and told them the leg wasn't over.
    Always the epitome of cool, Phil met their quizzical and exhausted looks with a simple, yet ever so appropriate eyebrow raise.

    Simon Says.
    We're in the fourth season of American Idol, so the time for the contestants to twig that song choice is important is way past due.
    On Tuesday night Nadia looked great, her voice sounded good, but her choice of Crystal Gayle's When I Dream was so obscure even members of Gayle's immediate family might have struggled to recall the tune.
    After calling her performance "musical wallpaper", Simon cautioned her that she might be going home.
    Sure enough, when Ryan read the result on Wednesday night Nadia was given her marching orders.
    With such pinpoint accuracy in his predictions, perhaps the studio audience and his fellow judges will allow Simon the luxury of delivering his critiques without interuption in future.
    They may try to drown him out, but they can't stop him being right.

    You're Fired, Now Be a Good Boy and Go Play
    Donald Trump finally wised up and got rid of loose cannon Chris on this week's Apprentice. The youngest of the contestants at age 21, Chris began to cry as he was leaving the boardroom, only to be called back in by the Donald. Trying to hide his tears, Chris made his way to Trump's side where he promised to watch his temper and tobacco intake in the future. After patting the boy on the hand and sending him on his way, the Donald and his advisors agreed that Chris was indeed, "a good kid". At least he didn't have to go to time-out.

    Baring It All For Food (Almost) Part II
    If there ever was a famous and loved challenge on Survivor, it’s the stay on a perch for hours/food temptation one. This season in Palau, Coby and Janu, the two people in most danger of going home, bailed for two donuts each. After much discussion on what food items the players would quit for, Ian stated that he would gladly takes his clothes off for some peanut butter & chocolate. Long-time viewers were immediately transported back to season 6, the Amazon, where Twigs and Sticks, also known as Jenna and Heidi, got naked for that same item. Jeff P, who seemed appalled at the thought of seeing Ian reenact that incident, said, “no one would like to see that.” Eventually, Ian, along with Jennifer, Gregg and Katie all jumped off for cookies, while Stephenie and Caryn refused to take a chance to beat out Superman Tom and settled on pizza. Tom won immunity and the target on his back just keeps on growing.

    All By Myself
    Now that they're down to the Final 6 on The Apprentice, Kendra decided it was her turn to step it up a notch and show Trump what she's made up. Teamed with Tana & Craig, Reality TV's answer to The Odd Couple, Kendra took over as Project Manager in her quest to lead her team to victory. Early on, Kendra felt that Tana & Craig weren't exactly supportive as they criticized and discouraged her many ideas. Faced with the prospect of an all-nighter, Craig, who knows what it's like when your team bails on you, told Kendra he needed his sleep and begged off soon after midnight, as did Tana, immune from this week's boardroom. Rather than feel sorry for herself, Kendra bucked up and did the best gosh darn presentation she could. It worked, as she earned a win for her team and a Top 4 finish for herself.

    This Survivor Will Self-Destruct In One Hour.
    From the very first moments of the very first show, Coby looked every inch the schemer.
    On the latest episode of Survivor he went from opposition leader to Loser Lodge’s newest guest.
    Having riled Tom, Ian and Gregg with his temperamental behaviour during the bait catching discussion, he publicly whisked Stephenie away to talk tactics and give her the lowdown on how unhappy this happy family really was.
    After very vocally stating that the tribe hierarchy don’t like people they can’t control during the immunity challenge, it became clear to everyone except Coby, that he might just need immunity to guarantee himself three more nights on the island.
    When he was tempted to give up his shot at safety for a couple of donuts his ouster seemed a certainty.
    He congratulated his tribe mates for their scheming as Jeff snuffed out his flame, failing to see that he was as responsible for his downfall as they were.
    The rest of the tribe can continue in happy family style, minus one “red-headed stepchild”.

    Turn Down the Voltage
    This week on American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest promised us one of the most shocking results shows, ever! And my, was he right . . . he was wearing a suit! With a tie and everything! Seacrest, lookin' sharp! But the shocks didn't end there, folks. They continued to increase in frequency and intensity, much as a 1960s psychology experiment. Constantine's new Ford was stolen by the other contestants and replaced by an unevenly copied replica. Desmond Child appeared. Scott Savol succeeded in making Phil Collins look downright attractive. (Wait . . . on second thought, that's perfectly normal.) Finally, the wild and crazy evening culminated in a bottom three of Scott, Bo, and Nadia, and the ever-classy Nadia was sent home following a superb reprise performance of Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me." Nadia left the competition with the same grace and glamour she maintained through the weeks, dabbing her tears away with . . . Ryan's tie. Awww, he was kind enough to bequeath the silk for an emotional singer? Perhaps that was most shocking of all.

    Many thanks to the contributors this week to the article, in alphabetical order; fluff, hepcat, Mantenna, Mariner, Miss Filangi, OneTVSlave, and Silverstar.
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    Thanks to everyone for putting this together EVERY week!! I love reading about the craziness in shows that I don't watch...like ANTM. I wanna see that ep just to see it!
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    Oh, there were more words exchanged, but what really sticks in the mind is the sight of Tyra, eyes ablaze, screaming in a magnificent, thunderous rage.

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