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Thread: Popularity Contest: CMT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I was shocked... SHOCKED that they kept Rory over Jose. I'm sure it was all in the editing, because it sure did look like he had more support. Alex quietly slides into first again!
    I wasn't...there isn't a hayseed alive that would believe the "Jose' found religion so is "better' now" crap. I think the parents just got tired of voting for the eye candy.

    Ok. Rory talking w/the woman who can't stand her.. what in the hell was Rory saying?? "you know..even after this game, I'll still be here".. I really, highly doubt it. Sure, she loves the attention wayyy too much and coming back to Vega would be like she's a "star" or whatever.. but, I don't see her 'coming back' to open a restaurant, or even coming back to doink Klay (which I'm sure has already been done). She'll drop'm like a hot potato once this is over.
    I just can't stand her.

    Go Alex!
    Rohry talking to the town crier was awesome. I don't think she gets that she was Ali's ally.

    I'm almost hoping Rohry does win the $$ only because I want to see who she gives half to and see if all her "back-pedalling" leads her straight out of town.

    She's the worst kind of person there is. Can I see a show of hands who actually believe there is going to be anything further between her and Klay when she leaves?

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    :::crickets chirping:::

    Oh..forgot to mention. The semi driving challenge.. Rory, in her typical jackass fashion, saying that she should have won cuz she "technically did the best".
    Uhh..Rory, if you "technically did the best" then you would have had the better time...ESPECIALLY since Alex stalled. The fact that he STALLED TWICE and still won, tells it all..ya dumdum. I wouldn't have been all bragging to the camera.

    What was up w/the lie being spread about "Rory not being invited to the party"???
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    Well, it's come down the ones I figured(Alex & Rory) & this week show should be pretty interesting.

    Didn't Rory say she was going to live in Vega & open up a restaurant? What's the deal with her & Klay?

    I still say Alex wins!

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