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Better Known As: Arnold Jackson Drummond, Diff'rent Strokes (1978-86)

Age: 34
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Height: "I'm 4-foot-8, and I'll be 4-foot-8 when I'm in a box," Gary once said. "You learn to work with it, around it or through it, and if anybody has any problem with it, tell them to go pound sand."
Sitcom Archetype: The sassy kid with the smart mouth

Signature Catchphrase: Don't make us type it. Please, don't make us type it...

Status: Never married

Sex: Male

No, We Mean Sex: A virgin, per a 1999 magazine interview

What About Oral Sex? No. "That's not a place for a young woman's face to be," he said on Howard Stern's radio show.
Gullible? No. Said Gary recently: "I can't sit back and swallow stuff."

Smokes? No

Drinks? No

Pouts? On cue

GameCube or PlayStation 2? PlayStation 2

Meet the Real Me: "I just happen to be one who has survived, who has survived being chewed upon, and I will always continue to survive being chewed upon. There's nothing anybody can do to stop me," he said in 2000.

What the Real Me Is Looking for in the Real You: Absolutely no desire--none--to marry. "If Mom wants grandchildren, I'll adopt one, because I'm never getting married," he said in 1981--when he was 13. "I'm not going to step into something I'm going to regret. Women like money. Look at Burt Reynolds. He had four women, and they all left him."

What I'm Like on a Date: "I do like to joke--sexy humor--joke and make a girl laugh," he said in a 1999 online chat. "Just to see what kind of head a lady has."

What Not to Say to Me on a Date: "No wonder you're a washed-up star." (Bus driver Tracy R. Fields tried that line on him in 1998. He clocked her.)

How I Meet Women: Charity auctions seem to work. In December 1999, Gary hooked up with marketing analyst Jennifer Vanlerberghe, then 23, when the 6-foot-2 North Carolina woman placed the winning bid ($4,000) for a night on the town with Coleman. Gary later escorted Vanlerberghe to the 2000 Academy Awards, at the behest of his employers,

Why I'm Not Easy: "People don't understand that something has given me the willpower to say no to anything questionable, abhorrent, undermining, unethical and immoral," he said in a 1999 magazine interview.

On my Coffee Table You'll Find: Magazines like Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and Reader's Digest. Said Gary once: "I read some responsible journalism, and from that, form my own opinions."

My Little Secret: "I'm a huge fan of BattleBots," he revealed in August.