I wanted to like this show but found it frustrating - too heavy on the getting the home ready via construction and next to nothing on Vern's designing magic. I watched for Vern not an ABC rip-off.

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...that homeowner would have pissed off a saint...that air-conditioning contraption left my husband and I completely dumbfounded. No wonder the house took him 10 years if he spent so much time farting around with crap like that. I can't believe his wife didn't leave him at some point. ...
Good grief, this homeowner was the village idiot. I wanted to yell forget the geo-thermal A/C nonsense and get a regular unit in there pronto! Those heat/humidity conditions were terrible. I can't believe the entire work team didn't quit.

If future homeowners are equally annoying and I get only 10 minutes of Vern per episode, I won't be a fan of this show.