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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments For The Week of April 4 - 10

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    Top Reality TV Moments For The Week of April 4 - 10

    Each week, our writers come up with some of the best, worst and always memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy!

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    Does My Hat Match My Swimming Trunks?
    Whether they were shopping for diapers, flipping their vehicle or hitting on fellow racers, The Amazing Race's Brian & Greg always maintained a good attitude and a spirit of fun. After narrowly beating out Ray & Deana for their second foot race to the mat of the game, the brothers knew they had a ways to go in order to get back in the race. Not always the smartest racers, Brian & Greg lost some time while climbing a water tower in search of a cluebox that clearly wasn't there. After finishing their roadblock, the brothers knew a Non Elimination Round was their last hope, and if that didn't work, they would dare Phil into it. Dressing down to nothing but their winter hats and swimming trunks, they headed to the pit stop where Phil announced that they were, indeed, the last team to arrive. Unfortunately, it wasn't a NEL and Phil wasn't able to bend the rules. At last report, the brothers are currently exploring their relationship to decide whether or not they should remain brothers.

    One is the Ulongliest Number
    Never before in ten seasons of Survivor has a tribe sucked so bad that they dwindled down to two members. Since Ulong had withered away to a team consisting of only Stephenie and Bobby Jon, it seemed a merge was inevitable. I mean, you can't have tribal council with only two members, its unheard of, right? Right? Wrong. In an unprecedented Survivor first, Ulong lost it's eighth immunity challenge in a row and found themselves making the all-too-familiar trek to Tribal Council to compete in a head-to-head immunity challenge against each other. Even though she said that fire-making was not her forte, Stephenie's competitive spirit burned bright and she quickly smoked Bobby Jon's britches to become the first ever tribe of one.

    A Starlet is Born
    This week the WB crowned it's first winner of The Starlet. The doe-eyed fan favorite, Michelynne, stood in front of the judges quivering with fear that her Cinderella story would end, not with a glass slipper, but with a return to the hostel where she was living prior to the show. In the true spirit of a fairy tale, Michelynne got her prince in the form of her name in lights and a recurring role on the WB's One Tree Hill, and rode off hanging out the top of a limo, leaving her two sometimes-evil stepsisters to eat her dust.

    Does This MiniVan Make My Butt Look Big?
    After their recent near brush with death thanks to Michelle's minor skin complaint, the wannabes felt it was time to get out and have some fun on America's Next Top Model.
    Having already confessed to the camera that she doesn't need to drink to get goofy, Brittany proceeded to show us that a bottle of wine and a few shots of tequlia just get her to goofy a whole lot quicker.
    She scattered napkins and mats to to four corners of the room, a clear table top makes for a far more forgiving dance surface.
    To round off the evening in time honoured fashion, drivers in both adjacent lanes of the highway were treated to a window-squished view of Brittany's rear, while her fellow contestants giggled or grimmaced.
    Keenyah's fear that her the alcohol induced antics will lead to her pal being eliminated is unwarranted.
    This is reality tv, behaviour like that buys you at least a couple more weeks of screen time.

    Fast Results, Now With Less Drama.
    Even at half an hour long, Seacrest is usually called upon to inject some drama by prolonging the reveal of the bottom three vote getters on American Idol results show.
    There was no drawing it out this week though.
    With Bo tantalizingly placed in the bottom right-hand spot on the bleachers, the place that usually indicates extreme vulnerability, Ryan proceeded to call the Nikko, Vonzell and Scott, seated in spots one, two and three to centre stage.
    Now, if they can just get rid of the group songs, not give Paula any opportunity to ramble, nix the exit song and spare us the assault on our eardrums from the return of a past Idol winner, they might be able to slim the show down to the information relevant five minutes the fans have long been craving.

    Not Exactly Eggscellent
    The complete humiliation of Ulong on Survivor was not final at the reward challenge, but it was sure close. The disgusting food challenge came down to a contest between Bobby Jon and Tom to see who could consume five Balut eggs the fastest. Bobby Jon got off to an early lead but made the mistake of cramming all five in his mouth at the same time. He looked like a kid trying to see how many pieces of bubble gum he could chew at once. After choking and regurgitating some of his disgusting egg omelet, he was just a handful away from victory. Yet again. Bobby Jon really shouldn't have been so upset about losing to Tom a final time. After all, it wasn't like Bobby Jon and Steph had a shower for the 55 gallons of water. He chopped it up the episode before to create the signal during their previous reward challenge loss.

    Can't He Do ANYTHING Right?
    In an unprecedented move last week on The Apprentice, Trump gave Chris a warning last week when he survived the boardroom. Step it up, or else. This week, Chris vowed that he would do what it takes to prove his worth to Mr. Trump. In fact, he was so determined, that he lost his concentration and ended up leaving their company issued credit card at Best Buy. With Angie swamped with work and Alex too busy looking in the mirror to contribute, Chris was sent to Best Buy and told to camp out there until the credit card was returned. Eventually Chris did retrieve the credit card, but even this colossal mistake didn't cost him and once again, was spared the axe, despite being called a big loser. Methinks Chris best serves his purpose as Trump's personal whipping boy.

    Time to Join Toastmasters
    There are meltdowns and then there are painful meltdowns. This week on The Apprentice Angie completely lost her composure and consequently lost her chance to work for The Donald. Angie accepted too many tasks as part of the American Eagle clothing challenge and showed she's not very good at rolling with the punches. When time was running out to leave the studio to go to the presentation to the executives, the panic really started setting in. She very perceptively said that she could sense a crash and burn coming. Instead of reviewing her notes in the cab on the way, she used them to cover her mouth while trying to choke back her nausea. Once they arrived and Angie learned that the feature of Net Worth's line, the jean jacket complete with speakers, had been left behind, she was doomed. In contrast to Tana and Bren, she stumbled and ummed her way through her presentation all the while clutching her notes. Where she sealed her fate though was answering that the ipod was the most important piece of technology to American Eagle customers. It showed Net Worth's lack of research and her lack of perception. Presenting under pressure, especially when you are underprepared, isn't easy, but it is a crucial skill to possess if you want to be a successful business executive.

    Many thanks to the contributors this week to the article, in alphabetical order; Fluff, Mariner, OneTVSlave, and Miss Filangi.
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