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Thread: Venus, Serena to star in reality TV show

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    Venus, Serena to star in reality TV show

    Six-episode show on ABC Family will chronicle sisters' off-court life
    Venus Williams and Serena Williams are excited to “branch out into a new medium” of reality TV.
    The Associated Press
    Updated: 5:33 p.m. ET March 28, 2005

    BURBANK, Calif. - Serena and Venus Williams will be starring in their version of a tennis reality show.

    The sisters’ off-court lives — their family, friends and the glamour of big-time tennis — will be featured in a six-episode show that is still untitled but set to premiere on ABC Family in July.

    “The series will provide our fans with an up-close, inside look at our lives away from the tennis courts,” Venus Williams said.

    The sisters have won 11 major single titles between them and are competing at the Nasdaq-100 Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. Serena is ranked No. 4 in the world and Venus No. 9.

    Serena Williams said she and her sister welcome the chance to “branch out into a new medium.”

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    The show will premiere July 20th for those interested.

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    July 19, 2005 --

    "Venus & Serena: For Real"
    Tomorrow night at 10 on ABC Family
    2.5 Stars

    EVERY little girl with aspirations of growing up to become just like tennis' top-ranked Williams sisters should glom onto "Venus & Serena: For Real" and watch it as obsessively as the Williams sisters watch videos of their matches.

    Too bad they can't. Watch it, that is. Even though there's no school the next day, the show, which debuts tomorrow, isn't on until 10 p.m. — which is too late for little kids, although it's about right for pre-teens and teens.

    The show follows the sisters as they go from match to match or, if injured, match to home or, in the case of Serena — the designing sister — to her office.

    While it's semi-interesting, it's no more interesting than say, the usual sports inserts about various athletes that run during big matches between sets or quarters.

    We see them practice (well, we see Venus practice and Serena ride in the golf cart next to her, so it's no shock when she gets injured the next day), we see them in their nondescript hotel rooms, and get a glimpse of what we assume is the plush, plush (did I mention plush) grounds of their West Palm Beach, Fla., home.

    The series opens with the sisters and their sisters discussing their childhoods. They laugh at their misconceptions of childhood and how they never knew they were poor. Of course, they talk about having a 1,900-square-foot apartment when they were kids, so either they are still harboring misconceptions, or they lived in the size apartment New Yorkers only dream about.

    At any rate, the series shows the bond between the two beauties and their family. At one point, one of the sisters, talking about family, says her mom (Oracene Price) isn't around much anymore, but we are left wondering what the heck happened to her. I can only assume that it's because the parents are divorced that they just aren't seeing their mother as much.

    Dad Richard is around, although he doesn't have much of a "part" in the show. Sister Isha, an attorney, is their business manager and we do see a lot of her. In fact, the producers take a cheap, er, shot at Isha when they flip back and forth between Isha in the stands and Serena playing on the court.

    Isha, the polar opposite of the perfectly toned, muscled, athletic sisters, is a very overweight woman in stretch sweats, and the camera jumps from action on the court to Isha ignoring the match to obsess about the chicken-salad sandwich the man next to her in the stands is enjoying. I doubt the sisters will take kindly to that very unnecessary volley.

    While the sisters are dynamos on the court, they are sweet and loving in real life. This makes for exciting tennis, just not exciting reality TV.

    So, who does come out as the one star of the show? Serena's bad, bad dog Jackie, that's who. The little Jack Russell-looking doggie is a lovable monster who steals the turkey, piddles on the couch and gets into all kinds of mischief about which she is very, very sorry.

    Hey — how about getting the dog a coach, too?

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    hmm... not sure what i think about this one.

    "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
    Benjamin Franklin.

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    I liked this show. The sisters are funny. I loved Serena's interaction with her dog, lol ...

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    Yea, the sisters are very funny. I found this show humorous and not in a laugh at the reality starts because they're stupid kind of humorous. It's nice to see a reality show with celebrities obsessed with themselves.

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