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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of March 21 - 27

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    Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of March 21 - 27

    Each week, our writers come up with some of the best, worst and always memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy!

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    Nanny Stella’s Waterloo?
    What kind of family could make the dour-faced Nanny Stella confide to the camera that she was ready to walk out the door, her duties as a miracle worker be damned? You can be sure that it was no run-of-the-mill overworked couple with a passel of twins. The Cubbisons, the latest sociological experiment on Nanny 911, were shown to be a family with a few quirks. The father spent all of his leisure time in the back yard with his collection of pigeons. All five Cubbisons, including the baby, slept in the same bed. The oldest son was allowed to “discipline” his toddler brother by yelling, spanking, and shoving a stick in his face. The toddler had been “trained” to do his business in the on the front lawn, and the infant spent her day on mama’s hip, never touching the ground. But none of these dysfunctions gave Nanny Stella pause. It was watching the mother agree wholeheartedly with the nanny’s proposed changes, then turn around and do exactly what she had just agreed not to do that had Nanny Stella shaking her head in frustration. Instead of quitting, Nanny Stella told the mother to stop insulting her intelligence and pretending that she didn’t understand her heavily-accented instructions. The mom played her wide-eyed I’m-so-innocent-and-dumb look, but Nanny Stella didn’t soften one whit. You just knew that it would take more than a manipulative blonde suburbanite to do in the iron-willed Stella.

    It's really quite simple. You decide who you like and call in your votes to the dedicated number of the singer(s) of your choice.
    Millions of people do it every week as Ryan Seacrest loves to remind us.
    Things changed this week though on American Idol, after the wrong phone number was displayed for each of the final three contestants to perform.
    If you waited until the end of the program to jot down the number you may well have cast a vote for Anthony instead of Anwar, Carrie instead of Mikalah and Scott instead of Jessica, thanks to the screen caption snafu...on a pre-recorded program no less.
    The decision was quickly made to rebroadcast the show and allow further voting, although it's doubtful that Carrie would have benefitted much from misdirected votes.
    No doubt once again the votes will roll in and at least one head might be set to roll too.

    Gee, Thanks
    America's Next Top Model's Lluvy has always been unique. Unique name, unique look, so it's only natural that she'd be a natural model, right? Wrong. During the Zodiac shoot, she was selected, to her horror, to represent Pisces, the fish. She was immediately concerned that her worst features would be brought out. That insecurity, coupled with about 5 tons of sequins on her face, translated into a bad photo shoot. So bad that Tyra declared it the worst picture in the history of ANTM, going back through all 4 cycles. Of course, Tyra couldn't keep that little tidbit between closed doors, she had to tell Lluvy as she faced elimination. The good news? Thanks to some major attitude from Brandy, Lluvy's still in the running for America's Next Top Model.

    Tyra, a Model Who Actually Eats Cheese
    When Tyra Banks plunged into the world of reality television, she seemed bent on showing the world how hard it is to be a model - living in cramped apartments, shivering at wintertime bikini photoshoots, getting up early *gasp* and being on time *double gasp* - you know, proving that modeling is difficult. But last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model showed how Tyrant Banks has partaken heavily of the reality show cheese, and is lovin’ it. There was the obligatory catfight involving a girl cast solely for her drama potential, like many reality show divas before her. There was the tense photoshoot where a fake photographer insulted and demeaned each girl while a judge secretly watched to see if they would break down and cry. There was the ever-so-serious photoshoot with overly-complicated costumes (two foot high lobster claws? fish nets?). And of course, we were treated to the effects of that reality show staple: when the episode lags, Provide Booze. As hapless Tiffany upchucked her lunch, undone by the flowing chardonnay, we witnessed the moment when ANTM officially drowned itself in reality show fondue.

    Spit or Swallow?
    The Donald surprised one of his contestants with some rather unconventional questioning in the boardroom on this week’s Apprentice. Team Net Worth’s Chris found himself on the spot as Mr.Trump gave him hell for chewing tobacco. As he drilled Chris about his spitting habits, he mentioned that he couldn’t see himself hiring someone who needed a spittoon. Chris said, no worry – I just swallow it. Registering the many looks of disgust that his comment had elicited, Chris vowed to show Trump what he was made of by pledging to kick the habit, effective immediately. Man, the guy is such a charmer already, I can hardly wait to see him going through nicotine withdrawal. Oh goody!

    One Wink Over the Line
    Sometimes you have to know when to keep you trap shut. On this week's Apprentice, the ballsy, smooth-talking Erin got a little too big for her britches in the boardroom. Even though the Donald's trusty sidekicks, George and Carolyn, had expressed their opinions that Erin had completely bombed on the recent task, Trump seemed to have a soft spot for the former beauty queen and praised her for her presentation abilities. Having seemingly convinced himself that he could let her live to see another task, Trump turned his wrath back towards Chris and Angie. Erin, feeling comfortable that her perky behind was no longer in the fire, jokingly suggested that Trump go against his advisors' recommendations and get rid of Angie, sending a bold, too-friendly wink in his direction. Carolyn and George were not amused and a stunned Trump had no choice but to send Big Mouth Barbie on her way.

    Don’t count your lead time until the plane door closes
    Lynn and Alex began this week’s leg of The Amazing Race feeling good. They had finished the previous leg in first place, and had a healthy, several hour lead over the team they hate, hate, hate, that being Rob and Amber. Having finished the roadblock and caught the earlier of two flights, Lynn and Alex felt invincible. They spent most of the show telling us how much they hate Rob and Amber. Why? Were not sure, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Amber’s red jump suit was the cause. Winning didn’t matter to Lynn and Alex. All that mattered to them, and the reason they were celebrating, was that there could be no way the dreaded Romber could catch them now. The second flight would put them five hours behind at a minimum. Alas, the happy, happy, joy, joy feeling was not going to last, for just before departure, the boyfriends are horrified to see Rob and Amber getting on the plane. Through loss of focus and some bad fortune, Lynn and Alex fall to fifth place at the end of the leg, and worse still for them, Rob and Amber won the leg with ease.

    And Then There Were Three
    The Pagonging of Ulong continued this week on Survivor as the cursed tribe lost yet another immunity challenge. Despite a strong showing to defeat the Mighty Koror 8 in the reward challenge, the hapless quartet of Bobby Jon, Ibrehem, Stephanie and James, were unable to stop the bleeding. Torn to between her loyalty to James and her fear of the dreaded purple rock, Stephanie voted Ibrehem to force a tie, only to vote with the guys to send James home. With the numbers anything but in their favor, the future looks bleak for the Ulong tribe. Baring a miracle, they are likely to be obliterated in the new future. Note to future Survivors: If your tribe is called anything with ‘ong’ in the name, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

    Special thanks to the writers that contributed to this article this week; in alphabetical order, Bill, Hepcat, fluff, Miss Filangi and oneTVslave
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