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Thread: Nanny 911

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    Quote Originally Posted by BelaOxmyxx
    boy everything gets wrapped up in 2 minutes. I have to say the Supernanny show is much better.
    I completely agree Bela.

    The mom needed a big wake up call and they need a part 2 to focus on getting the pacifier away from the 3 year old. :rolleyes

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    This family didn't just need Nanny 911, they need a full-time shrink! Something is very wrong with a woman who wants to sleep with all those kids -- and you notice the kids really didn't seem to mind sleeping in their own bed -- it was all her idea! And the husband, spending all that time with the pigeons (preferring birds to his family), very strange. BTW, did they ever mention what the father does for a living?

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    Neither of them seemed to work, or did they take vacation just to be on the show?

    I couldn't believe when she took the sleeping baby matter-of-factly out of the crib and into her bed after agreeing not to. The father seemed completely out of touch with reality. I didn't buy the resolution at all.

    I found the oldest brother disciplining the toddler to be the most disturbing part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    It took my sister-in-law forever to potty-train my nephew. His older brother had him convinced the toilet would suck him down.
    I don't think that's funny. I couldn't believe how they let the older boy "discipline" the 3-yr-old, including when he hit him with that rod in the face and said Jac "deserved" it. No one ever deserves to be hit with a rod, and no child should be allowed to "discipline" their siblings! It seemed strange to me that of all Nanny's rules, she did not mention that the older one should not be allowed to "discipline" his brother.

    That behavior along with the mom's weird attachment issues (she seemed to almost border on child abuse -- to turn your son into a husband substitute is definitely emotional abuse with long-term consequences) made me wonder what kind of kinky relationships those boys are going to be drawn to when they grow up.

    I had thought the older one may have scared or bullied the younger one re. the potty, but it was the mom who let it get out of hand by encouraging weird behaviors... and the dad by the fact that he was "absent."

    Good points were made about the kiddie seat and also what did he do about "#2"? (I don't know how to quote from multiple posts.) Maybe the producers thought that was just too disgusting so they edited it out.

    This episode also make me wonder, as was mentioned by several people, that they lived in such an expensive place and no one seemed to work. The least these shows could do, since they are basically inviting us into these people's homes, is tell how the families manage to make ends meet! At least this show told where they live, as opposed to SuperNanny, which made us guess.
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    The Nanny 911 website doesn't say where in California the Cubbisons live, but it does say that Neil gets up at 5:30 AM to tend to the pigeons, then he spends all day at work, then more time with the pigeons in the evening. Doesn't mention what his job is though. If you google his name you come up with all kinds of pigeon-related links. I hadn't realized that pigeon racing was such a big thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    The Nanny 911 website doesn't say where in California the Cubbisons live
    In the show they said La Jolla, which is a beautiful town(which explained their gorgeous home) just off of San Diego,CA.

    I agreed with the nanny the mother was being childish, I'm sure she could remember the rules and if not they seem to posted quite clearly...she was simply trying to get around them. When she took the baby to bed with her I couldn't help but wonder why she didn't want to 'cuddle' with her husband?!

    What was that around the toilet anyway? It looked like foliage or something...I kind of understood his fears, although going outdoors wouldn't be an option.
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    I'm so glad Nanny called Mrs C. on trying to play her intelligence. The old slack your jaw, widen your eyes, and play stupid routine wasn't going to work on her! She actually tried to say that she could follow the schedule if it were written out where she could see it, when there it was, not two feet from where they were sitting.

    That lady clearly had issues:

    She needed to set that baby down so she might have a chance at learning how to crawl and walk.

    She needed to get a rubber ducky and stop using her daughter as a bath toy. It was clearly for her own benefit, not the baby's.

    She needed to break down and buy herself a teddy bear instead of using her children as night time cuddle toys. Or here's a thought: Snuggle up to your husband.

    She needed to realize that encouraging your son to pee in the bushes like a dog is simply... wrong. If he's scared of the big toilet, get him a little potty chair.

    She needed to stop allowing her eldest son to discipline the younger one. It's neither his place, nor his responsibility.

    And the father simply needed to step in long ago and put an end to the madness that he clearly knew wasn't right from the start. I guess he just didn't know how, so it was easier to just hide outside with the birds. Sad.

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    Finck Twins on Nanny 911

    HIYA ALL, If you really want to know about the Finck Family and the Finck Twins look up "FinckTwins" in any search engine to find their web site.
    Pictures and story to come. All questions can be answered.

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    So would that make you the Finck Dad?

    Welcome to the FORT!

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    I read about parents like the needy mother in psychology books and articles. They are very needy/love-addicted/codependant. They reverse roles with their children. Their child becomes the parent and they become the child. The child takes care of the parents needs and the parent neglects the child's needs. The child ends up feeling used, exploited and smothered. When the child grows up, he/she avoids having intimate relationships with people. The needy mom married someone the opposite of her, which is what usually happens. That's why the husband avoids interacting with the family. But even though he doesn't interact with them much, he would hate it if they left him.

    So I knew such parents existed but I never saw one before. That's why these shows are so great. You can see all kinds of parents in action and what results they produce.

    Actually, the needy mom is alot like the one I wish I had growing up, because the mom I had was cold, harsh, mean, and unnurturing, and I hate her. To have a beautiful, loving mom who wants to sleep with me, take baths with me, and never criticizes or scolds me would've been a dream.

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