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Thread: Supernanny Discussion Thread

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    Re: Supernanny Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay;3821412;
    I guess I don't like the idea of following without thinking/questioning.
    Which is why we are FORMER members of the denomination. Too much of that there for someone with my always-questioning personality.
    I'm Paula.

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    Re: Supernanny Discussion Thread

    Mu husband took the kids to an indoor playground last weekend & was approached by someone from Supernanny to be on the show. I asked him if he told them, do my kids look like they need supernanny? Not that we're great parents, but compared to most parents on the show, I think my kids are pretty great. He said that they told him they were also looking for examples of good parenting. They called & left us a message this week, but I don't know....I know my husband is just thinking of the free trip to Walt Disney World that they said they'd give you.
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    Re: Supernanny Discussion Thread

    With all due respect....when have you seen a family with "good parenting" going on? The whole idea is for Jo to help solve PROBLEMS. And a "free" trip to Walt Disney World? This sounds scammish, to me, but what do I know. My vote is that these people were up to no good, hoping your husband would fall for it.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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