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Thread: Supernanny Discussion Thread

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    It never occured to me that the Mom might be suffering from depression but it would make perfect sense. They are so isolated out there in the boonies, and the Dad just seemed so absent (even when he's there) and passive-aggressive to me. What was up with his refusing to say one nice thing to his teenage daughter? That can be so damaging. Talk about a loaded silence!

    The Mom almost seemed panicky about being left with 7 kids (can't blame her) and the Dad seemed blase about it. I did notice she's much younger than he is. When she said "I didn't know I would be raising them alone" I felt she was talking about more than just his being stationed in Iraq.

    The red haired child seemed a little more reserved than the others somehow and more openly wishing for change. Mackenzie (the 2nd youngest girl, with glasses, who did not want to clean up her room) was a little startling. She had quite a mouth on her, not just language but attitude, for one so little. But then she reminded me of the type of girls who would beat on the other kids in grade school. She did not seem to know about or care about right and wrong. Riley seemed to take to routine right away. Those kids - the whole family - seemed hungry for structure. Why was the Dad not providing that? He's a sergeant!

    Also, I am not trying to be mean, but, is there something wrong with Mackenzie? She seemed to have dwarfism features or something. Almost like she did not look like a child. The other kids had similar features but did not look that way so it's not just her parents. I do realise Mackenzie's dad was not shown.

    Between Mom's temper and the babies driving tractors around the yard, I predict something is bound to happen while the Dad's away that is not pretty.

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    I wondered about Mackenzie as well. My husband's brother suffers from Downs syndrome and his features look a lot like Mackenzie's...but he has obvious mental handicaps, as well, and she didn't seem to. Maybe very mild Downs syndrome or, as you said, some form of dwarfism? Her unorthodox appearance might well have accounted for her attitude. Kids can be awfully cruel to those outside the "norm" in terms of looks. Maybe Mackenzie is being picked on at school and taking out her frustrations at home.

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    My 14-year-old daughter and I watched the show and when she saw Mackenzie, she asked if she was retarded. Her facial features were definitely different than the other kids, but mentally she seemed okay (albeit bratty!) so I don't know. I was thinking fetal alcohol syndrome the way the eyes were so wide apart.

    As far as daddy dearest goes, it was mentioned that he works full time for the national guard and is away from the house from Monday until he comes home on Friday nights. Good grief! That would drive me insane! Mom is basically a single parent to seven kids, and two of them are not even her biological children (the 17 year-old and I think the 7 year-old...his from his first marriage.) Mom is dealing with these kids 24/7 as it is and dad is only home on weekends.

    Since this is a blended family, where are the ex-wife and ex-husband? Unless they are both dead, I would think that some of the kids would be going off on alternate weekends to visit their other parent.

    I too believe that this woman has some issues of depression. The house seemed very remote, with no neighbors close by. What about any extended family stepping up to the plate...her parents/siblings or his? Geesh, if I was in her situation I would definitely need someone, anyone, to lean on.

    I thought the 17 year-old would have been more of a help to the stepmom when she came home from school. She's certainly old enough to lend a hand and help out. We really didn't see too much interaction between the two.

    I also wondered about this couple wanting to have a boy....and finally getting one! They both have two girls from their first marriages, have two more girls and then, bingo, a boy!

    I really hope she can handle what's ahead of her. If not, I really hope she gets some help!

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    These people were quite troubling. When I watched this show, my first thought was, these folks should be reported to social services. Mom is in obvious need of help...pronto.
    I don't always act like a bitch; but when I do, I'm the lead float in the bitch parade.

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    I assume the Silva husband must be in the reserves and works 2 civilian jobs. I can't think of an active duty soldier being gone so much. They normaly work pretty normal hours. Now, that he is eaving his wife needs some support! Support from the schools, wives association, NCO club, and any other help me organization.

    7 kids in the boonies all by myself. I am 33 and I would be petrified. As a matter of fact, I would be ready to move near civilization.

    Mackenzie was a cutie wasn't she and smart as a whip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamsohooked View Post
    I do think that she has some depression issues, I also think that she is scared out of her mind about being left alone with the kids. If you noticed, she is only 28 years old. That's alot to deal with at her age on her own. Too bad there wasn't any family around to help her out. I wonder if they were trying for a boy since she had 3 children in 2 years. Good thing they got one or she may have had more!!Did anyone notice how she seemed to have Riley (the 2 yr old) near her most of the time and it was the name she said the most and also the child that did the most and got away with it. I think Mom has a favorite. I hope she can really stick to the schedule and keep things insync, that family needs it. She needs to really get the kids involved with the house and make it fun and learn to play more! Hope they do alright and Dad is home safe and sound earlier than expected!
    Actually, I know someone that knows her. She has been trying to get pregnant again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jellybean33 View Post
    Actually, I know someone that knows her. She has been trying to get pregnant again.
    Jellybean33, are you serious? That woman really is out of her mind. If she's trying to get pregnant again, does that mean her husband's back from Iraq?

    Jellybean33, to the FORT! You'll love it here!

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    He just left today. She was trying to get pregnant again before he had to leave. I heard today that she's not pregnant, so she'll have to wait until he gets back.

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    Why in the world would she want to carry a child and birth it, alone, with her husband away for a year and a half, while she is taking care of 7 others?! When one of those kids is also an infant, to boot? When the ones she has already, run wild? I mean, it's up to her, but her plate seems stacked as it already is! And being p.g. is difficult let alone under stress and with 7 kids to look after in an isolated location. What if she had had complications, etc.?? And had to be on bedrest?!

    Unbridled and MamaC: I did wonder if Mackenzie's bratty behavior was because of being picked on at school. I don't recall school being mentioned but as remote as they are, I wouldn't be surprised if this was another home-school situation. (I think the teen did go to public school, though)

    FAS is a possible scenario, I hadn't thought of that. She does seem bright. But her features are so different. Her little sister has similar facial features, but looks like a regular child. Something about Mackenzie's behavior is very assertive and hyper, almost, too. I am just curious what is the situation with her.

    jellybean, do you know what state they live in? Is it Alaska? If the show said, I didn't hear it. Do they have ANYone nearby who can help out?? The house is just in utter chaos. And no one's watching the kids! I do agree that teen could and should help out a LOT more. (If that was just editing, and she already tries, I'm sorry)

    Someone brought up a good point. They wanted a boy, but the show barely mentioned or showed him. Maybe it was editing, but, he seemed ignored. Also, the mom not wanting to watch her own kids play seemed odd to me also. I could see if she gets sick of it (because she gets no 'me' time) or wants/needs alone time, but she said she NEVER likes to! Why want a big family if she doesn't enjoy the kids? And why have an 8th child when the infant you already have, sits ignored? I also wonder why the dad is away so much (before he left, of course). Plenty of Guardsmen live at home full time.
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    She actually has 8 kids at home. One girl they didn't use for the show, as she is mentally retarded. She's the husband's daughter from a previous marriage and her bio mom didn't want her to be part of the show. The daughter, Mackenzie, has Pfeiffer's Syndrome, which is why she looks and acts the way she does.

    They live in California, and the 17 year old girl helps out with the other children.

    I'm not sure exactly why she wants to have another child. Also, she would probably have complications with another pregnancy as her last three children were born premature.

    Incase anyone is wondering, the reason I know all of this is because she posts on a mom's website that a friend of mine is on. Anyone can go to that site and read her posts. She gives a lot of information about herself and her family.

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