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Thread: Intervention (A&E)

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    Re: Intervention (A&E)

    Very disappointed to find out Intervention has been cancelled. I too, cannot stand the DD people. I have to change the channel when the advertisements for their show come on. Despicable Duck Dynasty. Now they can be Triple D's not Double!
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    Re: Intervention (A&E)

    Quote Originally Posted by Debb70 View Post
    I occasionally run across this show, but thought it was cancelled sometime ago and all the shows were now reruns. Maybe I just lost track.

    I think the show had a valuable lesson to teach, but I always got very frustrated with the families of these addicts/alcoholics. Was there anyone ever on the show who could have maintained their lifestyle if they weren't supported and enabled by their family? It's so bizarre to me. That caused me to stop watching some time ago.
    Couldn't agree more. There is a saying about run-aways...something like they wouldn't leave if they didn't have something to run from. My humble opinion is that people who abuse drugs and alcohol are run-aways from life. 9.9 times out of 10, they are running from something in their families/friends.

    Another saying: "treat the source". It was very frustrating for me that the families/friends weren't brought into the discussions in more meaningful ways. Maybe they were during treatment or something, but I honestly think the show would have been more helpful if its focus was put more heavily on the families/friends.

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    Re: Intervention (A&E)


    Starting TONIGHT! TUESDAY DECEMBER 9th! On the LMN Channel! (Lifetime Movie Network)

    I have U-verse and I found that channel easy! The show is airing at 9pm!

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