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Thread: Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of February 28-March 6

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    Top Reality TV Moments for the Week of February 28-March 6

    Each week, our writers come up with some of the best, worst and always memorable moments in reality TV. Enjoy!

    Don't forget to vote in this week's poll too!

    Everybody Hates Me, Guess I'll Eat Some Worms If You Do
    On this week's special reality fame hos edition of Fear Factor, a refreshingly baby talk free Trista Sutter nee Renn made an appearance to root on her tv husband Ryan. To the delight of the contestants, when Joe Rogan dared her to eat five wiggly worms to win $1,000 for her favorite charity, she agreed to do so and give the money to Ethan Zohn's Grass Roots Soccer Foundation so long as the worms were blended. Trista had no problem downing the former nightcrawlers. The delight soon turned to disgust when Trista's good sport performance inspired the almost universally despised Omarosa to actually attempt and complete the challenge eliminating Jenna. At least the other contestants and the viewing audience got to squeal with glee when several snakes failed to exhibit professional courtesy and continually bit Omarosa during the first part of the challenge while she tried to free a key.

    Ice Station Jennifer
    The latest season of The Bachelorette culiminated in a three hour final this week. A two hour finale, followed by a live "After The Final Rose" show, gave Jen Schefft ample opportunity to complete her transformation, in the eyes of many fans, from firm favourite to cold-hearted bitch.
    She stood quietly and allowed John Paul to propose, knowing she would reject him, yet interupted Jerry and attempted to hoist him back to his feet as he entered the preliminary stage of his proposal lunge. She promised to give Jerry an answer at a later date and thus our cliff-hanger for the live show was born.
    After spluttering her way through an explanation of her rejection to a now philosophical John Paul, Jerry was called out to hear the answer to his question, reinvented for the live show as "so, what am I going to do with this ring then?"
    Summoning up all her ex-cheerleader spirit, Jen teels him she decided that they had decided they should just be friends.
    What should you do with the ring, Jerry?
    Give it back to ABC, call Andrew Firestone and take him and John Paul out for a drink to celebrate your narrow escape.

    Caterwauling is For Losers
    So you find yourself in the finals for a Tyra Banks reality show, and you know you don’t stand a chance unless you find a way to be memorable...so you adopt the mannerisms of a cat? That’s what one hopeful did on the audition episode of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra and the two Jays watched with jaws dropped as the slinky girl demonstrated her felinity by crawling down the catwalk instead of the usual model strut. Dubbed “Lady Kat” for her odd personality and somewhat feline features, she made it through the first round of cuts. She lost no time in tempting Fate by shushing a rejected girl and telling her to "stop crying; crying is for losers!” Her prayers to Bastet went unanswered; she was cut before the episode was over. Who knew Tyra & Co. would pass on the one contestant guaranteed to get into catfights?

    Dysfunctional Clown Posse
    On this week's Apprentice, the teams were charged with the task of creating a mini-golf course. Team Net Worth, led by the teamwork-challenged Audrey, decided upon a circus theme for their course, thinking that the playful, fun environment would draw children in by the droves. When presented with their clown costumes, the men of Net Worth were less than pleased, to say the least. The team's reluctance to cooperate resulted in a group of disgruntled, pissed-off-looking clowns - not exactly the joyous environment one would hope for. It is amazing that the team was able to pull in even a measley $300 with John bullying people and Chris chewing tobacco while half-heartedly trying to entertain the kids. It is safe to say that while team Net Worth fared poorly in revenue, the fruits of their labor produced a dramatic increase in clownphobia.

    They Were No Rob and Amber, Anyhow
    There is lots to fear in the power of two, and Survivor's Ulong tribe was paranoid early on, thanks to the budding romance between Jeff and Kim. Before the immunity challenge this week, Jeff, the young, strong, personal trainer, made the mistake of stepping on a cocunut and injuring his ankle. The immunity challenge was again physical and Jeff had to opt out early on. After their devestating third straight loss, Jeff told the team to vote him off. He knew his body and he knew that his ankle wasn't going to heal anytime soon. The announcement split the tribe in two. Bobby Jon, in particular, believed voting off Jeff would be a mistake and suggested that a hurt Jeff was better than a healthy, lazy Kim. B-J even took Angie aside to show her Jeff's superior cocunut slicing skills while Kim, as usual, just sat and watched. Kim was appalled that anyone would consider voting her off the tribe. Sure, it's true she lets everyone else do all the work for her and contributes nothing in the challenges, but is that really a reason to get rid of her? In the end, Ulong chose to keep the baggage that is Kim and turf the injured Jeff, effectively splitting up the power couple that never was.

    Let's All Help the TV People
    What lessons did Rob and Amber learn from being on two sessions each of Survivor? How to be laid back in front of a camera, for one thing. While the rest of the new contestants on The Amazing Race were pumping with adrenaline, the Reality Sweethearts (as CBS hopes we're all thinking of them*) struggled to open the trunk of their car, and joked about stopping for a bite to eat only minutes after the start of the race. Needless to say, they were not the first to arrive at LAX. With such a lackadaisical attitude, they could have easily found themselves facing Philimination the end of the leg. But their reality dues paid off when they were recognized by a Survivor fan who was willing to act as both guide and interpreter. With the help of said fan and a bribeable bus driver, Rob and Amber were able to regain ground until they were near-contenders for first place. It turns out the world of reality television is a small world, after all.

    A Rockin’ And A Hurlin’
    Bright lights, big music and various forms of country garb dominated the premier episode of Nashville Star. All ten contestants were ready to take the stage and sing their hearts out. Tamika Tyler dazzled the crowd with her sensational rendition of You Don’t Even Know prompting judge Bret Michaels to exclaim he could listen to her singing all night long. The honky-tonk, Buddy Holly look alike Jody Evans strummed his little heart out, breaking a guitar string in the process. Yet all was not warm and fuzzy on the stage that night. Poor Jenny Farrell came down with a nasty case of food poisoning prior to taking the stage. Midway through her performance of Seven Year Ache, Jenny abruptly turned and scrambled for the nearest garbage can where she created a little music of her own backstage. A round of applause ensued, knowing she gave it the best she could under the circumstances she faced. The million dollar question to be answered? Whether the voters were sympathetic enough to keep her in for one more week.

    Why Not Me Again?
    The Road to Stardom came to an end with a live performance in Los Angeles. First, however, the remaining three contestants, Matthew, Jessica and Deltrice survived a grilling by the judges and received a complete makeover. After faking out the contestants by telling them that only two would perform, Missy Elliott allowed all three to show off their original songs. Each contestant gave a great performance to the delight of the formerly eliminated contestants and their families. In the end, to the surprise of virtually no one, Jessica earned the second recording contract of her young life along with $100,000 and the guarantee of a released single when the spotlight centered on her.

    Ding Dong, The Mitch Is Dead
    Viewers were definitely in for a surprise on the season finale of Wickedly Perfect. Heavily favored Mitch was doused with the proverbial bucket of water and all were left to watch the horror on his face as he melted away into obscurity. It was sub par Kimberly who came back from elimination to showcase her domestic arts for the homemaker- and to make sure every last viewer of this show knew how to make rose ribbons. Perhaps it was Mitch’s up front in-your-face-cockiness that eventually led to his demise? Judge Bobby Flay, serving as the tie breaker, had previously wondered how much of Mitch was all talk versus substance. In the end, it wouldn’t have mattered how many cheesy puffs were served in the chic red lollapalooza atmosphere that Mitch provided. It was Kimberly’s pouty lips and Colgate smile that would dazzle the camera, leaving Mitch to ponder the outcome had he trimmed up his uni-brow.

    Many thanks to all the writers that contributed this week; (in alphabetical order) Fluff, Hepcat, Mariner, Miss Filangi, oneTVslave & Speedbump
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    Thanks All!!

    That Nashville Star incident sounds bizarre....did they air the audio of her tossing cookies??
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    The band kept playing as she was running off the stage. I'd imagine if the band stopped as she was running, we'd get an earful of the hurling as it looked like she was about to spew any second.
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    Great job everyone! It's tough this week, lots of good choices...

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