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Thread: Has there ever been a Kids' Reality Show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    I've been watching reality tv since I was 10. Survivor.
    And there are many adults who also know the difference between real life and 'reality shows'. And Survivor is an adult show, not a kid's reality show, where kids see their peers doing things. But I feel it would be a bad thing for a trend to develop towards kid's reality shows. Decorating shows, endurance type games, and the like of that aren't reality shows, those are normal shows we've seen on tv since tv became commonplace. Heck, even Captain Kangaroo did versions of those themes all the time. No, I'm talking about your true 'reality show' Burnett-type edited-for-drama genres in kid's versions... that is a trend I dearly hope, for the sake of our younger generation, never becomes reality.
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    the kids' type realilty shows that have been around the longest that I can remember are the talent type... I know there used to be a Star Search, for Kids, and I'm not sure but was there also an American Idol for kids?.. (maybe it was the Star Search I'm thinking about??)
    I agree about not liking the trend of survivor type shows for kids... I too have watched that Endurance on Saturdays on NBC.. and I agree, it is so disturbing to watch the teens turn rather vicious with their alliances and even to their partners, whom they didn't deem "popular" or "cool"... I can't even imagine a Big Brother situation with teens or worse yet pre teens included. I'm all for the cute shows like Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls and others like that.. they're fun and harmless..
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