A new reality show from TBS has issued open casting calls to those interested in applying. The name of the show will be Love Thy Neighbor. Anyone interested in applying to be on the show can click on the link above for application submission information.

Love Thy Neighbor?!

Are you annoyed with your neighbors?

Do their barking dogs and obnoxious music drive you nuts?

Are you at your witís end because their lawn looks like an auto repair shop?

Do their kids irritate you with an endless barrage of skateboards, toys and baseballs whizzing by your front door?

Are you and your neighbor in constant competition? Who has the better holiday decorations or rose garden - who's the better homemaker?

If your dreams of home sweet home have turned into sour grapes thanks to your neighbors, then we have the show for you.

We're looking for a set of neighbors willing to compete against each other in a new comedy reality series on TBS. If you're fed up with the people across the street or right next door, then here's your chance to even the score. How far would you be willing to go to get your street, neighborhood and life back?

Your stories could win you tens of thousands of dollars!

"comedy reality" series? um.... okay, lol
Shades of Ricardos vs Mertz's!