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Thread: TS: "Through The Roof". Sat March 5th 8pm

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    :phhht I was so aggrivated with the whole show. I definately couldn't understand why any one would EVER choose Laura Day for other than shoving infront of a train. Her designs are mostly tacky nonsense. After she had done the room for the Native American family opposite Kia, where she went out of her way to buy beads and feathers with the hos considered offensive sterotypes, I personally would like nothing more than to see her given a pink slip and kicked off the TS gravy train. As for Laurie and Doug, they were quite interesting to see on the same team. I enjoyed watching them squabble over the marble in the 50,000 episode. HOWEVER I didn't like AT all how they treated Edward and Christy. Christy isn't my cup of tea, but she tries very hard to make sure the hos will like what she does. And I DO have an Edward bias - he seems like a very sweet, good natured man with excellent taste. HE would be my very first choice- Not just for my home, but if I wanted my friend's home too. But that was just down right rude- I would want their input on my design, not just throwing Edward into sewing world again, and Christy slave to the staining. What a total waste.

    Faber- My god. Poor guy. Freaken' Laura. You do NOT treat people like that. When you tell a carpenter what you need cut, and done--- You stick to that. Poor guy.

    And now, the other team- Woo, what garbage. Hildie, I like what she does- but I didn't like that damn pyramid lamp. That was a stupid, stupid... stupid. 'Let's hang a very large, heavy pyramid- and what looks like it would be quite pointy on the ceiling over the bed.' Wow. Pure genius. I think the hos brought that up when they saw that too. And white paint? Okay- white is a horrible wall color to live with. I know because when I moved in, the whole house was white- white walls, white rugs- You can't live in it! It gets SO dirty. And I've seen Hildie and Barry do colored rooms, why make this instance any different? And the revloving bed? Are they on crack? Quite possibly so. Why- Why the HELL would you pick Jon? How many episodes has he been in? Two? And what DID he do exactly...? (I'm asking here, what did he do?) Or was it that impaling pyramid idea. Is that all he brings to the table- stupid props? Go back to making movies, boy-o.

    at Frank and his outfit- That was good. Hell, that was too funny watching him go into the store dressed like that. Ah well. And Joe was very amusing too- Paige helping the hos with the floor was definately nice to see. But the results were the best part of the show. Just watching the horrified expression on the husband's face was PRICELESS. I laughed non-stop.

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    I thought Doug was a complete fool, and Hildy did get her corugated plastic on a show. The bathroom did look like a porta-potty, or at least a bathroom in a quanset hut. She is brain dead!!!!. I am surprised Faber kept his cool, I would have tore Laura a new one for that stunt and probably walked off the show after telling her where to put it and how fast she could rotate. Give me Frank any day for a head designer.
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    Very tedious show, imo.
    I can't stand Laura and seeing her be so rude to Christy and Edward and so bossy with Faber only cemented why I already dislike her so much.
    Hildi, Barry and Jon really didn't seem to do a while lot in their house.
    They spent so much time making the silly pyramid and coming up with ridiculous concepts, e.g. the rotating bed, that they didn't appear to have a lot of time to make much of a change in most of the rooms.
    I thought the best room they did was the kitchen. It certainly benefitted from them adding some colour, although the stainless cabinet fronts were not my cup of tea.
    It did at least look as though they'd done something, which is more than I thought could be said for most of the rooms.
    Doug was his usual obnoxious self.
    Venetian platering is not a difficult process.
    It's time consuming and there are a lot of steps, but it's not difficult to do a very good job as it's very forgiving.
    He seems to revel in the kudos he gets for completing this simple process time and again.

    I prefered how Barry, Jon and Hildi worked together.
    They did at least appear to be having some fun and remained respectful of each other, but I preferred the work the other team did.
    Not that I thought any of it was spectacular.
    Another failed TS experiment, imo.

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    I can't stand Laura either!

    I did like the show, though. Doug is a pill. What a controlling little nazi. Faber's tiger wood thing? What was that? Did they hang it correctly? I was so underwhelmed. Usually his stuff blows me away.

    I hope they do one of these again. Without Laura.

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